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Dr. Masaru Emoto 

International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim: "We need to look after our water and the life in the water. Fish have a right to the water too. We are the caretakers, the voice for the air, water, Earth. Use your voice, speak up, be the voice for the voiceless. We have the duty of prayer. Give thanks for all. It's our responsibility as humans. It's up to us to preserve the Earth."

Turtle Women Rising   

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Press Alert for Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas:

Drought Relief For the Next Four Seasons is Here Now!

Join us to Promote the Healing of our Planet.

Through Earth Wisdom Teachings, Taught by Earth Healer, Bavado (Rainbow Thunder Heart) aka Bennie E. LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming.
Bavado Offers Proven Solutions to Environmental Imbalances, Healing Droughts, Calming the Earthquakes, Volcanic Seismic Activity, and High Winds.

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Tour to Heal the Pacific West Coast Droughts and
Other Issues within Mother Nature -
Launching a New Book of Teachings:
Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites with the Medicine Wheel
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Bavado aka Blue Thunder calls upon all nations, cultures and traditions to join together to heal and calm today's epic droughts, earthquakes, fires, floods and high winds. Scientific evidence, showing how ancient ceremonies heal the elements within Mother Nature, will be presented - explaining the how's, the why's, the what's, and the causes behind today's dysfunctional weather patterns in California, Oregon, Washington and other states (worldwide).

Bavado (Rainbow Thunder Heart) is gathering individuals from all walks, faiths, businesses and organizations to join in this group effort and calling to sound healers to help heal the web of life within the sacred geometry of nature. He is calling to all nations to share the songs of their cultures, to join us in singing, dancing and drumming. He invites everyone to work together peacefully through the intentions and decrees known as prayers for Mother Nature. Together we will bless Nature's moisture, and heal the environments the best we can.

You are invited to participate in these very special gatherings. Please contact us to help schedule benefit concerts, talks and ceremonies in your area. If your groups or healing centers would like to sponsor us, please call upon us to present this powerful wisdom and to help heal Mother Nature. Schedule a time and date for a presentation or event in your area by contacting us at:

May 24th, 2014
Shamanic Summit 

Canaan Buffets (Private Room)
9606 N Newport Hwy 2, Spokane WA (Near Shopko)

April, May, June 
Please set up a talk, concert or ceremony in your area. Contact

First Nations Wisdom - The Turtle Lodge

The Wisdom of "Blue Thunder" Turtleback Mountain, Orcas Island


Healing the Drought

“In order to get the moisture back, rain, springs and snow, healing must take place first, to clear what caused the moisture to disappear. We must understand the cause and effect of how and why this drought is taking place. We must clear the environment first of old patterns and old programs, thoughts and emotions, imprinted there and replaying. And clear our minds, our hearts and our spirits of old programs, clear the energy within ourselves. Then charge the environment and ourselves with peace, love, joy, harmony and abundance.

Healing of the sacred sites is what is going to bring the moisture back, through rain, springs, and snow to reset the four seasons ahead. This will be done through Native American healing ceremonies in prayers and intentions known as medicine wheel ceremonies, using sounds, tones and vibrations. These medicine wheel ceremonies will be two hundred to five hundred miles across, from the center of the medicine wheel to sacred sites on the outside ring of the medicine wheel circle.    

We are called now to heal the differences within all nations and cultures worldwide, those differences are what have affected Nature with droughts. This is just one aspect of what has caused the sacred sites to become dysfunctional, and has caused droughts, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, forest fires and many other issues in Nature now.     

In order to heal the droughts it is important for humanity to recognize peace. The time of prophecy is upon us.  In order to heal the droughts, the nations of many colors are called together to come to the circle of life, representing all people in the name of peace.”

Rainbow Thunder Heart (Bavado)


We are promoting a way to peace by releasing a new book called, Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites with the Medicine Wheel - How Life Force Energy Works.  The book shows how the medicine wheel works to heal Mother Earth and bring peace.

Earth Wisdom Foundation

For 13 years, Earth Wisdom Foundation has documented proof, including scientific facts and data, on how we have healed droughts, high winds, volcanic and earthquake energies. In the fall of 2004, we healed the drought in Big Bear, CA with the Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony. The story is documented in the video “Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites”


In 2008, in Atlanta, GA, we healed a historic drought with the Stone Mountain Medicine Wheel Ceremony. Television and newspaper reporters in those areas documented both.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You for your Support!

PS:  Bavado’s Motorhome is on the verge of retirement and He Needs a New Vehicle ASAP for travel.   We are looking for one to be donated, or an angel to sponsor the purchase or the rental of one. 

If this is you, or you know someone who has one or can do these things, please contact us right away.  A larger Class B Diesel motorhome as well as funds for fuel and food are required at this time. 

                                Oohweehoo, thanking you into infinity,



Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau, aka Rainbow Thunder Heart (Bavado Tatun Corazon), Eastern Shoshone - Earth Wisdom Foundation’s President, Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming








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