Full Length Documentary Film:
"Healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites":
I thank the hearts spiritual journey within humanity representing the Heart of the Rose, “Peace” for humankind to consider what this light represents ahead.  Finding the Rainbow Bridge that leads to the Fifth Dimension and above, known as heaven upon earth, paradise.  I am a Native American Earth Healer from the Eastern Shoshone Nation located in Wyoming. Bennie LeBeau.  I have been known as BlueThunder for the last 16 years. My name has changed now to Bavado, which means Rainbow Thunder Heart, which represents healing Mother Nature with the life forces powers within the colors of the prisms of light.  Known as the rainbows light utilizing the Thunder and Lightning’s life force energies colors within the rainbows power to shift the elements within the matrixes of Mother Nature. Known as Grand Mother Spiders Web of Life.   
My non-profit is called the Earth Wisdom Foundation: this work has brought healing to many historical volcanic areas, 2004 the Super Yellowstone Volcano, and in drought areas centered around Big Bear, California since 2004 to 2009: in 2008 in Georgia within a five states diameter healing droughts, high winds and land shifts and in other areas of the world until the present. Earth Wisdom Foundation’s Ancient technology is taught in a classroom setting teaching how the elements work in keeping Mother Nature pristine, working in harmony.  Providing Earth Healing Ceremonies on Sacred Sites to promote the rains, springs and snows to activate to appear all year round within the four seasons.  
We have worked very diligently on the high winds, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other environmental shifts within Mother Nature worldwide for many years now.  Proving we can heal the environments and have documented and proved our work. We have been leading a movement since January 2014 in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Montana and Wyoming.  Representation the powers of peace within the hearts of humanity for the whole world at large sharing those principles of peace in educational seminars and lectures for a healthy planet, for peaceful world.  In a format that is simple to understand especially helping in bring back the water element, as we heal the earth’s soils, winds and fires elements, resetting the next four season ahead on every continents ahead we can assist in those countries.  
Most of humanity is becoming aware of this work and immediately coming to the aid of nature: as we provide our service to humanity.  We are acquiring lots support, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.  Gathering the nations of all cultures on the Pacific Coastlines of the United States and inlands moving towards the east.  Investing our time and efforts now worldwide especially in order to get the water back for all nations and cultures of the world. As a Native American Spiritual Environmental advisor I will honor all nation's and cultures into the future as our record speaks for itself our walk is our talk.  We ask all of humanity to become part of this huge funding project for the betterment of all life force beings with creation equally worldwide in our work, “The Worldwide Equator Medicine Wheel Ceremony”.
We are asking those organizations that have made their riches from Mother Nature recourses to now give back to help Mother Nature Heal in there taking of those resources.  We are asking for a powerful support in finances between 4 to 5 million plus that is in a budget to get this work done for the whole planet.  As we prepare in 2015 into 2016 for a very spiritual journey traveling around the equator healing sacred sites north and south, first traveling east then west on the equator healing the major sacred sites of the world. Teaching the principles of peace within these seminars and lectures, representing the Medicine Wheel Ceremony that is the healing component and foundation for this work.
This is just one of the many Earth Wisdom Foundation’s Healing Ceremonies that I have been leading, teaching in seminars and lectures.  Promoting the Principles of Peace healing the Unified Energy Force Fields within the Medicine Wheel's powerful force fields as we active the operational activation within the healing of the elements.  The most major work was done in 2004 when I first started in 2003 until May 8ty 2004 healing the Super Yellowstone Volcano and still continue on a regular basis do keep a watch on the Super Yellow Stone Caldera, with the volcanic, seismic energies within Wyoming healing the energy to be calm. I am an Eastern Shoshone Nation tribal member Spiritual Leader and Advisor from the Wind River Indian Reservation.  I have been traveling practicing healing many lands within the world since 1987, for many years now representing the Principles of Peace that are the Laws of Mother Nature known as the Universal Laws of Peace.  
I ask all of humanity to contact me, I would like to chat with each and everyone of you out there right away worldwide about this Global Equator Medicine Wheel Healing Ceremony.  That will bring about more world peace by healing the elements than any other peace talk has ever done and we will prove this in all that has been out of balance, not providing peace for the world at large.  Healing the Grand Shifts, is the unpeaceful energy within the elements, and as we move into the future the tectonic plates shift is preparing to shift strongly because of this. We will either get a powerful masculine shift or gentle feminine shift after we heal the energies that are out of balance. We need your help to get this gentling of the environments shifting healed that the web of life has bee imprinted with. I am inviting all nations religions, spiritual groups, and all groups within all nations and cultures to join us in the healing of the West Coast of the United States and other countries around Mother Earth’s Equator. 
We need your dreams and visions to be shared with us all that has been provided to humanity by the holy ones. These many sacred messages will help us in the healing of the droughts, earthquakes, high winds and floods in the Pacific Northwestern States within the Northwestern States of America and the world at large.  Mother Nature is on the move and so are we, the messages say that peace resides in the hearts of the people. That peace will bring about a huge healing in all that is with the messages in the dreams and visions about healing the droughts and other environmental shifts within nature that are here and are about to awaken humanity to awaken if they are not awaken now. Which represents healing the storms that reside within humanities water vessels within there thinking patterns, actions, words and thoughts provoked into being is the reflection of negative and positive thoughts out of balance is the actions of nature in motion, known as disasters. Blessings be to us as we all awaken to this great wisdom for all of humanity.
Ooheeehoo, mean's Thank you into infinity, for considering these messages for the betterment of all living beings upon this most sacred planet we all live upon, Mother Earth.
Bavado "Rainbow Thunder Heart"* aka BlueThunder
Bennie E. LeBeau, President Earth Wisdom Foundation
Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member, Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming
360 515-8020


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