Eagle & Condor Nations United
North, Central & South America

4000 Mile Medicine Wheel

June 19th, 20th & 21st, 2012
This image above is the Second Phase of the Ceremony Healing
Nine Sacred Sites around the Americas. 
The first phase was completed in July of 2011, in Costa Rica.

This ceremony will heal the thoughts and emotions of the Atlantean and Lemurian Energies that have imprinted the Crystal of Mother Earth for 25, 000 years with negative imprinting.

As stated in many cultures and nations, as above, so on the surface and so below bring peace with the knowledge’s of the Star Nations as we activate the wisdom and knowledge for peace.  There are two Medicine Wheel Ceremonies that are being called for.  The first that I ask to be conducted will be in the Center of Costa Rica Medicine Wheel Ceremony located below.  This first ceremony held in July 2011, worked on healing the nine emotions of Mother Earth and her environments.  Remember what the Mayan Elders are speaking of at this time that there are six knot’s of negative energy that will come into place on six dates, to be announced soon.  When we do ceremonies to heal the 20 energies that circle around nature’s genetic make up, the DNA of our Mother Earth.  All of Creation within the Thirteen Moon Cycles (one year’s time we begin to remember the wisdom of ancient times all nations and cultures once knew and lived by.  As we awaken and take into consideration the rituals and ceremonies, Humanity will awaken to many possibilities as we all come together to can heal natures huge shifts coming. 

When we recognize we have been out of balance with in our sacred elements of our Mother, the Earth. When those cultures of the Red, White, Yellow and Red Nations alike can see the truth in how we have all affected the soils of our Mother’s, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water: And then remember how the Elements need our light to help her heal her environments worldwide. When those that wake up from a deep sleep awaken to the wisdom and knowledge once again we will have fulfilled our destiny’s dreams for peace.  As we learn more and more about and what those elements are about and how humanity has affected them, this in humanity will help lead the way to peace for those choosing peace to prevail.   Please remember that we are those elements that are out of balance.  It is our reflection of our actions and thinking patterns that has affected our Mother Natures Disasters.

I pray and send out my intentions out to my Elder Brothers & Sisters of the Eagle and Condor Nations to take into consideration this ceremony.  I am asking for clarification on the timing of these Medicine Wheel Circle Ceremonies.  I ask for your advice and hearts to think about sitting in counsel and praying about this message:  Asking the holy ones if this is what we have been waiting for as prophecy has stated for the future of those choosing the Fifth World ahead.  I open my heart to those that will look upon this message with sacred hearts. Choosing what is in their hearts to send a prayer out to all of creation and humanity to protect us as we move into the New Mother Earth that will be birthed into existence.   I send out this message for meetings to take place with you for us to sit in the Traditional Counsels.  As we deliver more information on this sacred dream and work for the future of our children and all of creation.  May we all walk the road to peace, love and harmony as all nations as the children of the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.  Oohweehoo…BlueThunder

Click here to read BlueThunder's letter of appeal for the world to join in this Sacred Ceremony.

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