Bavado's Writing

Subject: Support for Healing Mother Earth’s Emerald Grids 4000 Mile’s across North, Central & South America’s in this Eagle & Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel Ceremony

To: Messages to the Elders of the Condor & Eagle Nations & Support Groups of all Cultures of all Nations Upon Mother Earth

From:  Bennie Earl “BlueThunder” LeBeau, Sr.

Eastern Shoshone Nation Tribal Member

Wind River Indian Reservation

Fort Washakie, Wyoming


Messages to be Sent & Carried to All Nations

In North, Central  & South America for Support for this Medicine Wheel Ceremony

4,000 Miles across this Sacred Circle


Written by “BlueThunder”, November 8th, 2011


Copy of Costa Rica-medicine Wheel-eagle&condor-whee013

This Message is about two Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremonies that will take place soon.  The first being on the Solstice, December 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2011 in Mexico City, Mexico at the Teotihuacan Pyramids, known as the Sun and Moon Temples, it will be called the Grand Teotihuacan Medicine Wheel Ceremony, totaling healing forty-four temples of light on those sacred sites simultaneously, while conducting these medicine wheel ceremonies. The second this ceremony will be another gathering of the Eagle and Condor Nations Uniting the Nations within this Medicine Wheel Ceremony, that will be held on the Solstice on June 19th, 20th, and 21st, 2012.  This ceremony will be four-thousand miles across the middle covering North, Central & South America; centered in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The Medicine Wheel Ceremony will re-weave the life force energy, healing and reconnecting the web of life, re-harmonizing Mother Natures Sacred Sites in the Americas.  Nine major sacred sites have been chosen to hold the energy needed in order to heal the America’s in this sacred ritual utilizing humanities thoughts, actions, dances, songs, prayers, rituals and intentions. 

Utilizing the sacredness of our ceremonies songs, dances rituals and prayers we will heal the last 26,000 years of imprinting drama and trauma upon Mother Earth, especially the last 500 years, the past seven generations’ history.  These Medicine Wheel Ceremonies are being set into motion asking all cultures of the Black, White, Yellow and Red Nations to come to the aid of Mother Earth.  Helping and supporting our Mother Earth, families, relatives, and friends of all cultures, including: the plant medicines, trees, animals, birds, whales, dolphins, insects, rivers, springs, lakes, oceans, all plants, mountains, rainforests, moon, stars, sun, the universal rim of our universe, and All of Creation, the Oneness within life upon Mother Earth.

All nations and cultures have been praying for some sort of miracle that will give hope to humanity. The miracle will be what we make it by setting it into motion using our thoughts to heal the elements and praying for our intentions of a pristine, healthy nature and by the combination of these thoughts and actions with sacred sounds and vibrations, it will become so. Bringing about a worldwide awareness, a global attention to this time of transition in which we are birthing the new world of existence. Mother Earth will hear our call and our prayers will transform Earth into a new world of purity as we move towards 2012 and beyond.

We are healing the elements and shape shifting them into harmony, utilizing our prayers, songs and dances, known as alchemy.  We are doing this to bless and purify the toxins, poisons and negative actions of humanity within the environment of North, Central and South America.  This is the time known as purification time mentioned in prophecies as we move towards December 21st, 2012. Know we can help in the purifying of the elements when we come together in ceremony utilizing the power of our hearts energy healing Mother Nature.


The time is now to fulfill our hearts desires, bringing forth our unique piece of the puzzle by utilizing our spiritual gifts of awareness in the ceremonies.  We ask for your support in this work gathering the nations of the world for this Eagle and Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  The prophecies have foretold of this time and that all things, which require healing are here for us as humanity to bless and heal. It is very important that the Spiritual Leaders, men and women and children, all ages, of all cultures to join together as One people to help by healing our differences and thereby natures elements. 

We are called to do this together, all cultures and nations becoming one, not only in the America’s, but worldwide.  In doing so we will heal the energies within the elements of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. This Medicine Wheel Ceremony is to be led by the Eagle Nations of North America, the many Bird Nations of Central America and the Condor Nations of South America. We are calling all nations to come together, Black, White, Yellow and Red, to unite as one people of Earth. We are being asked to share our ceremonies, our songs, rituals and dances, including our prayers with the world that they shall remember. That all who participate from around the world, will continue the ceremonies in their lands that the old way of unity with Mother Nature shall once again return upon our precious Mother Earth.

Sacred Sites are places that give us our life force energy. The United States government promised the Native Americans to hold a trust responsibility to take care of the sacred sites, and all of Nature, to keep it clean and pristine. When we mine and develop these sites we disconnect the energy lines, called ley lines, that hold keep Mother Nature in balance. These energies are made of electrical current that keeps nature alive and working in balance and purity. In addition, the negative vibrations from earth shaking equipment, weapons of mass destruction, along with inventions and devices of technology harm nature.  The negative thoughts and actions by humanity further imprint themselves upon the Web of Life, known as Grandmother Spider’s Web of Life understood by the Native American’s and others around the world, causing Mother Earth and her four elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire to be de-harmonized.

When Nature is out of harmony, her electromagnetic grids must re-harmonize themselves through earthquakes, fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis and other natural “disasters”.  These disasters are Mother Nature’s way of correcting the energy lines and re-storing her natural vibrational harmony and flow of energy.

It is us, the humans, of each area that are responsible for keeping these energy lines, Spirit Lines, known as ley lines working in harmony and making sure natures’ elements communicate with each other in Oneness.  We were to treat all beings on Earth as alive and conscious from the rocks to the trees, the water, the wind and the animals and all of creation, for they have a voice.  We were to work in partnership and respect with them, asking permission for any use as you would from a fellow human being.  We were to offer our songs, rituals and dances, our sacred vibrations combined with our love and gratitude giving back to Mother our love.  Giving our love to all of Mother Nature through ceremony.  Moon ceremonies, harvest ceremonies, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, celebrations of all kinds where we would give our joy, our love of life and gratitude for all things back to the energy grids, the electromagnetic lines, ley lines of the Earth, Air, Water and Fire elements thusly keeping everything clean, pristine and abundant.

This Ceremony will serve as a scrubbing and cleaning of the magnetic imprinting that is causing nature to be out of balance.  Using our ceremonies with our hearts power and our thoughts.  We utilize our prayers to transform the elements combining them with sacred songs, dances and rituals to re-tune the energies in the web of life. Utilizing the sounds and tones of traditional rituals providing sacred vibrations with our musical instruments and through the energy in our feet, bodies, minds and hearts through our dances.  This is done with our powerful heart-centered power, using our intentions to clean, clear and bless the negative energies, purifying creation in all our homelands as we send a message worldwide.

We need to search and see what happened in the past records held in the environments force fields of energy that were inflicted with drama and trauma, the historical facts of what hurt and imprinted Mother Earth’s sacred sites.  Until we observe it, cleanse, clear and bless it through ceremony, it cannot heal.  It will continue to replay within the electrical magnetic grids, and the Web of Life vibrates dis-harmony.  This hunting and looking into nature is what we call a spiritual hunt in our vision questing for the answers of what took place and what we have to do to heal the four elements.  Looking into the history of what took place in the environment helps us see what we can do to heal it by cleansing it and clearing it though ceremony in prayer, giving love to heal what took place while singing and dancing. Which in turn re-harmonizes the electrical magnetic energy lines, called ley lines that vibrate in harmony with colors of light, giving electrical current, the life force energy to all things.

There are many spiritual beings and guides sending our spirits, minds, emotions and bodies’ spiritual messages from Mother Nature, the Universal presence and the Holy Beings of Light.  The messages we receive when meditating and during the ceremonies are the instructions about what needs to be healed in the environment through our prayers in the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies.  After we receive the messages, we imprint the message in our prayer offerings.  We then drop these offerings with our prayers and intentions encoded in them into the vortex, either in the center of the crystal alter or into the sacred fire at the center of the Medicine Wheel’s circle. As co-creators when we do this it commands the elements to shape-shift Nature into the vision of our prayers and the environments elements heal.  We can heal all that is and activate the consciousness and awareness for all of humanity to awaken to the truth. Utilizing our powerful gifts of intuition is very important to know what to pray for and to use those gifts to connect in prayer, with our hearts open giving love and willingness to help the world heal and come into peace.

We continuously ask for information through meditation before, during and towards then end of the Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  We gather all the information in the historical record that needs to be cleansed regardless of how large or small the groups are in the ceremonies. We are then amazed with the information that comes forth as we connect to nature in the areas we are working in our meditations. This brings tremendous healing to the sacred sites, the areas within the triangles of the wheel that we are re-tuning with our prayers, utilizing our songs, dances and rituals.  The galactic centers spinning energies of the Universe will bring the power needed to shape shift nature’s elements into purity using the prayers spoken that we gather during these meditations.

The Universe takes our prayers and intentions, our thoughts, combined with our positive emotion and our vibration from music and dance sending this energy package into the Universe’s unified energy force field, which manifests our prayers into existence.  The Universe’s energies now construct and create the matter of our thoughts, which are vibrating from the center of the crystal altar or sacred fire in the center of the Medicine Wheel where we put our created prayers to become. This energy literally shape-shifts the matter into the shape and form called by our prayers and intentions. This is how the ancient traditions of the world utilized their power as co-creators through conducting sacred ceremonies. 

All cultures were given traditions by the Creator to be used to bless all of creation.  We were all to utilize our spiritual power to heal all that is through ceremonies.  Modern day physicist’s know there is scientific evidence to prove that we can shape-shift matter, or the elements within Mother Nature with our thoughts.  In our medicine wheel ceremonies we have prayed for the environments to be cleared of all of the negative energy of the last 500 years of historical drama and trauma. These ceremonies have promoted healings in the environment that many groups consider to be miracles.  This is how powerful the medicine wheel ceremonies are.

Mother Nature’s colors become bright and beautiful through these prayers.  She is happy to speak with you and advise you of what she needs, what you can pray for in order for her to heal. It is important to take the time and look around nature checking on her weather and her emotional body in the landscapes that are around us, doing so gives us the knowing of what to pray for in our ceremonies. It is up to us to make use of this information in our prayers in the ceremony. 

Connecting to our hearts, allows those of us in the ceremony meditating to link to the messages being sent to the mind for our hearts to consider. In these meditations it is possible to see even the less significant events that took place in nature that need help.   These are the things nature is asking to be healed. The flow of information through the senses is taken into the mind where it is converted into the information of what is needed for the ceremony. The sum of the feedback given from the systems of the body often extends well beyond the body’s normal range of perception. There has been much scientific research done in the area of remote viewing that has shown our ability to move beyond the body into the unity field of consciousness allowing us to see way beyond the physical senses.

After meditating the group can share what they saw as they remotely viewed nature, asking for direction.   This will create a group consciousness, where all can pray for all that was seen or heard.  These high-level thoughts come from our higher selves and they activate the sensory system of the mind. Everyone becomes connected to everyone who is a part of the ceremony, on all the Medicine Wheels Points. Many psychic phenomenon are experienced during the process of constructing these new abstract thought forms into our physical reality throughout the ceremony.  Photographs taken often show orbs of lights which are spiritual beings assisting in the ceremony.  People experience tremendous personal healing from all types of ailments.  The colors of nature change almost immediately to be brighter and more full of life.

These ceremonies work in the same manner as tuning the strings on a guitar, piano, harp or other stringer instruments that vibrate in harmony in the web of life. Doing this work allows us to re-tune Natures’ spirit lines, the lines that have electrical current and colors of light in them that gives life to all of creation. As we heal the historical victimhood energies that have imprinted the flower of life to keep replaying in the environments’ elements, we restore and especially heal the last 500 years of historical events that did not serve nature very well. As a result Nature has become sick and ill, much like humans when we get a bad virus, we get a fever, we get dehydrated, we tremble and shake.

In the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies we instruct and teach how peace works to bring nature back into harmony.  In ceremony we shape-shift the elements and transform the energies back into health, balance, and vitality, to re-calibrate the vibration, re-synchronizing the Flower of Life bring harmony.  When we heal Nature in this way we bring back the abundance of all of Nature’s gifts to sustain and allow all life on Earth to flourish.  Thus providing sustenance for all including the plants, foods, animals, trees, humanity, insects and all of creation, living in true Oneness benefitting all things equally.  Providing and healing the wholeness in the circle of life.  Promoting healing in all things present in creation, together in the Oneness of all life upon Mother Earth. 

Worldwide, all of humanities’ cultures, groups and organizations are calling forth for help with the environments. We are expressing our concern and love by blessing the trees, plants, winds (oxygen), rivers, mountains, streams, rocks, springs, animals, insects and all of creations life force beings.  Earth Wisdom Foundation teaches how to promote peace through sacred sounds, words and actions.  We utilize sacred vibrations to promote harmony and peaceful relationships’ with one another while sharing about the environmental laws of Nature and the Universe. Peace was once understood and is still represented in many ancient traditions and cultures of the World who are still practicing and utilizing their sacred ceremonies.  Peace, the Law of One, gives us the power to the re-weave and re-harmonize Grandmother Spiders Webs of Life for all the worldwide communities that join us in the Eagle & Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel Ceremony, Summer Solstice, June 19th, 20th & 21st, 2012.  We will cleanse all that has affected the purity and harmony within the environments for the last 26,000 years, focusing on the last 500 years of imprinting Mother Nature.

Our current global path is one of self-awareness. It is time for us to become aware that Nature’s weather patterns are a direct result of the harmful damage that we have inflicted upon the sacred sites and our environments.  This is not only done through our actions, but also through each and every thought ever thought and spoken by a human being. The thoughts and actions of greed, materialism, education, religion, government, wars and man made laws have affected the environments’ electro-magnetic energy force fields and they are not working very well at this time worldwide.

It is time to remember nature’s laws, which state all we did with our thoughts, actions, words spoken, within negative sounds and vibrations, would imprint on Mother Nature.  It is time to become conscious that the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water elements of Mother Earth’s sacred sites have been affected drastically by those negative sounds, vibrations, thoughts and actions throughout the history of mankind.  Many understand the importance of clearing the negative actions of the past seven generations that have affected Nature to be out of balance and in need of our Love through ceremony in order to heal.

The electrical magnetic energies within the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water elements are what hold the tectonic plates from shifting. This ceremony brings a great healing within the elements, within the electro-magnetic grids, softening the great shifts prophesized to take place.  In doing this ceremony we ensure that the environment is finely tuned for the shifts and that they will be gentle ones.  This will change many of the prophesies of disasters for they will not need to happen.  They only occur to re-balance and harmonize Nature, having done that work with her ahead of time Mother Nature will be in balance and ready for the shifts that have been prophesized to come. As we prepare for the 4,000 mile medicine wheel in North, Central and South America and worldwide.

All who participate will see our homelands change, the weather become more gentle and balanced, the environment healed by the beautiful work we are doing in this Medicine Wheel Ceremony. The mining, warring and development of Mother Earth’s resource’s, especially on the sacred sites, are what is birthing into existence the earthquakes, floods, droughts, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes.  It is also important to know that all the holes that have been cut into our Mother by roads, railroads, pipelines, electrical lines, damming of rivers, making of tunnels, agriculture and the many vast caverns dug and drilled into our Mother Earth are leaking energy, draining Mother Earth, thusly all of the One life that lives upon her of vital this life-force energy. When we seal and bless these holes filling them with love through the Medicine Wheel Ceremony, the energy stops leaking and Mother Earth has more energy to provide life.

It is very important to consider that these natural disasters are very sacred things that need to happen. Mother Earth shape-shifts her environments to heal herself.  When we do ceremony to soften these events, we protect ourselves from harsh environment shifts. We become like midwives and help her birth a new world into being in nature the gentlest way we can.  We as humanity have crossed the threshold and we cannot undo what our ancestors have done in the fighting and warring unless we find a way to heal this the environments will shift in powerful ways. If we choose peace, love and harmony, supporting this ceremony we can clean and purify the elements. This will help considerably by clearing the historical record in the forceful power she commands controlling her elements.

Mother Nature is bringing a wake up call to the world for us to recognize Nature’s Laws as she tries to get our attention through these shifts in the environment.  She is using many of us as her voice, hoping to get humanity to understand the how and why, the cause and affect of what happens when we manipulate the sacred sites affecting the environments worldwide. This has been proven in many scientific studies.  These studies prove that by utilizing our Native American Indigenous wisdom and knowledge in ceremonies, we can heal the environment. Science can now explain how our ceremonies work scientifically and we can now come together as One Humanity to utilize our ceremonies, working side by side, as traditional wisdom and science merge to bring the great wisdom humanity has been waiting for when science merges with spirituality.  The Mayan Elders from Guatemala have mentioned to BlueThunder that a time would come when all mysteries would be broken by science; this is being done now in this moment, as they said it would.

Awareness of how energy works through scientific study show us that Nature’s Laws are in charge.  The time is now for our Mother Earth to evolve and for us to understand our true connection to Her and to all living things.  The new vibrational law ensures that Mother Earth will remind any one who does not follow nature’s laws, known as the universal laws, almost immediately. Anyone who does not return to the Law of One, will be reminded in the areas that they mine or develop and they will feel her shifts.  This is part of Mother Earth’s message to humanity.

Mother Earth will protect those that open their hearts to peace, to love and appreciation of all of that she has given freely to us in nature.  She gives an abundance of all things, such as food, water, shelter, warmth and clothing. When we come together and pray in appreciation and love for the things that we need, from good harvests to adequate rain, Mother Nature listens and responds, giving all that is asked for.  All is in sacred order to awaken the consciousness of humanity to recognize what is happening as the new world is being birthed into existence. Mother Earth will shape-shift the environments everywhere. As we become practitioners of peace in our actions, we teach how we all can gentle the shifts that are to occur in our homelands worldwide. 

The land mass of North & Central America are in the shape of a turtle’s back with thirteen major sacred sites in the center and twenty eight other sacred sites surrounding the outside of the turtles shell; these are the tectonic plates that are in need of cleansing, clearing and blessing in order to heal the America’s.  When you look at photographs of the landmass, you can clearly see the shape of the turtle shell made by the tectonic plates, including all the shell’s markings being represented by the major waterways, valleys and mountain ranges.  The turtles shell in the America’s is a representation of how the sacred sites of the world hold the surface of Mother Earth together, each continent with it’s own shape.  These mountaintops, temples and pyramids of the world that once were cared for by the rituals and ceremonies of those that had stewardship, once kept balance and harmony in the world. It is up to us all to consider healing the last seven generations of words, thoughts, actions, negative sounds and vibrations that our ancestors imprinted nature with by us in the present creating a new future for the next seven generations.  We can protect our planet and pave a beautiful life for our children, families, relatives and all that we are related to contained by creation upon Mother Earth. 

It is truly important to remember and consider how history has been recorded and imprinted into the electrical magnetic life force energy grids on every square inch of Mother Earth.  This history of 500 years of negative imprinting is what birthed into existence the disasters within Mother Nature, which keep replaying as earthquakes, droughts, tornadoes, floods and forest fires; over and over until they are cleansed and cleared within the environments elements, disaster’s. This imprinting is the post-traumatic stress disorder that has affected Grandmother Spiders’ Web of Life, which has weakened the energy force fields, the vortexes and vertices of Mother Nature’s sacred sites.  When you understand that it is these sacred sites that hold the tectonic plates of the Earth together, you understand the importance of keeping the sacred sites pristine and free from negative thoughts and actions and development.  Remembering that Grandmother Spiders’ Web of Life is a webbing of electrical magnetic energy lines, set in sacred geometrical star pattern designs that give electrical current to all of life upon our homelands we all live on worldwide.  

This electrical magnetic grid is shaped into star patterns upon the surface of Mother Earth. It is known as the Flower of Life symbol and it gives life to all of creation; as above, so below, as in the center. It is time for humankind to become acquainted with the fact that this life force energy is set in sacred geometrical patterns upon the surface of Mother Earth.  When Nature is in harmony and balance, this sacred geometry vibrates strong energy filled current throughout the grids bringing everything on Earth into health, vitality and abundance of food, water, shelter and warmth for her children.

When we re-educate our minds, emotions, and spirits to be heart-centered beings, living in peace within this web of life, we bring harmony, it is this harmony that keeps the Flower of Life vibrating through all of Mother’s elements, the Earth, Air, Water and Fire.  It is time to help those that forgot to remember that it’s important to keep every word, thought, action, and sound peaceful and harmonic in order to keep nature working in balance honoring and loving each other equally.

We are to remember that humanity has not woven the web of life and to understand we are but one strand within it.  We are to walk in beauty, in peace and in harmony giving love to all of creation. Please take a good look at Nature’s Laws, known as the Universal Laws of Peace, you will see it is the “cause and effect” of our thoughts and actions that affect the weather. These laws are represented in the Red Nations Traditions and Ceremonies. In fact, all cultures of the world, the White, Black, Yellow and Red Nations alike, are to share their ceremonies with one another to heal the world, no secrets anymore.  It is time to all come together to share our combined wisdom and knowledge. We all must have the courage to manifest working as One in order for peace to return.

We are asked to remember that the thoughts and actions of families, our friend’s and ourselves both in the past and in the present have imprinted the environment to create the stresses known as disasters.  And now we can ask just what does the future hold because of these actions?  How have our words, thoughts, emotions, sounds, vibrations and actions been recorded by Mother Nature elements both the negative and positive ones? And how has this affected the electrical magnetic forces of nature? And now, how can we heal nature’s sacred sites?  And just what do sacred sites really represent? And how has an un-natural way of life woken us up in order to teach us about what is out of balance in creation?  And what does this means to the age old questions of who am I, why am I, what am I and where are we going in our lives? When and how are we going to figure this one out if we don’t understand nature’s laws that represent peace? By asking these kinds of questions we find answers to help us to know where are we going as an individuals, groups or communities upon Mother Earth. In doing so we can find the truth of natures laws that are the foundation of peace and through returning to them will bring peace and harmony to the environments worldwide.

And now taking a good look around seeing humanities many false ways of living without honor, respect or integrity towards each other. This is showing us the way of what not to do any more.  It is time to clean up these false ways of living, clearing them from the environment through ceremony thus changing the course of history, changing prophecies of the negative things mentioned through those who were in fear.  When you understand how energy works, you understand what took place and how the actions of humanity are still affecting the reality of humanity. Now that we know how this happened to humanity and Mother Earth, we also know that we can heal it and thereby our world and ourselves.

We have been unconscious beings, imprinting negative energy into the electro-magnetic energy fields of our planet, dooming ourselves to replay the trauma and drama over and over until we realized what we can begin healing utilizing our ceremonies to heal the Web of Life, to pray once again for the next seven generations as our ancestors did for us.  It is time to pray into existence a beautiful paradise for all to share equally in.   Please join us in these Medicine Wheel Ceremonies to show the world how they can heal themselves and their lands. Showing how we can bring the love and wisdom that the indigenous peoples of the America’s hold and share it with the world.  We have been prophesied to lead the world into peace and this is time to fulfill that destiny. We have the opportunity to prove that peace is restored by utilizing our ceremonies and rituals working together as one in the America’s, sending a message worldwide. 

The year 2012 is a truly magnificent time of beautifully birthing the new world of existence ahead through our ceremonies, rituals and meditations, communicating with nature, All That Is.  By asking for and receiving information in meditations we can all remember that we have a great task to complete; which include all nations and all cultures of the world coming together with our earth healing ceremonies united as One.  It is important to ask Mother Nature what she needs help with and then pray for it, for her, for us, for the Oneness of all life on Earth.

We are on the horizon of the Fifth Sun as it prepares heaven upon Earth, known as nirvana, paradise, the happy hunting grounds and many other names by all the cultures upon Mother Earth. Together we can help shape shift the new Earth, healing and calming the winds, clearing the fire grids and volcanoes, restoring and reviving the soil, healing the earthquakes energies and purifying the waters.  Utilizing our sacred teachings we will heal the environment, harmonizing the electrical magnetic energies creating a gentle shift as the New World prepares to take place.

As was prophesized by the coming of the White Buffalo in North America, the Rainbow Warrior prophecy and the Condor and Eagle Prophecy, the time has come for the Native Peoples of the America’s to fulfill a powerful task in order for peace to return to the whole world.  These prophecies have stated that we would come together and heal our thoughts and actions towards each other, which have affected the environments of Turtle Island in the Americas and worldwide. Further prophecised was that we would gather all nations of the world, simultaneously, the White, Black, Yellow and Red Nations together as one.  As the brothers and sisters from the Condor Nations of the South would come to the aid of the Eagle Nations in the North and the Eagle Nations would come to the aid of the Condor Nations working as one people, including all nations and cultures. 

This is the time we are in now, when we would all get up and get this done, fulfilling prophecy.  Because of what has happened in history to those of us who have fallen from their hearts into their heads, into rationalizing, falling into ego’s, following the greed and materialism of development, education, religion, technology and man made laws leading them into resentments, angers and judgments. Take a good look at what greed and materialism did blinding seven generations of our ancestors in the past and further how those ways of life up to the present imprinted and activated nature to be so violent and harsh.

Brothers and sisters of the Eagle and Condor and the world we are reminding us all to work together and recognized that we all hold a powerful key to bring about peace and harmony for the world. Many Brothers and Sisters in the North, Central and South America’s have opened their hearts and ceremonies to all nations and cultures healing the environment with the truth. They are ensuring that peace will come through the “heart of the rose”, our most precious sacred site, our very own hearts. They are creating peace for the whole world by healing peoples’ hearts, people of all cultures who long for peace among all mankind, and for all of humanity to heal our differences.  Then and only then when we find our own healing, within our hearts, will we be able to teach others about the great power of love and how to use it through ceremonies and rituals to bring peace to the world.

The world is waiting for us to unite our beautiful hearts in Oneness, healing our nations, our environment and ourselves simultaneously.  All at once protecting and loving each other by giving love to our sacred sites and the elements, all of creation through our ceremonies and rituals. Sharing our ancient knowledge and wisdom, our most sacred rituals and ceremonies, will ensure that peace returns to all cultures and nations upon our Mother Earth.  Those that choose to remember the way to peace and harmony will lead the way into the light of the Fifth Sun as the Galactic Alignment prepares to take place on December 21st, 2012.  Taking us into 2013 and beyond into the 500 year increments of the next 5,000 years ahead.


A rare and profound galactic alignment - a 26,000-year convergence of earth and her solar system with the Milky Way center prepares a new era and heralds the coming of the Fifth Sun. The ancient Maya and Aztec’s boldly prophesied the year 2012 to be the pivot point of the cosmological synchronization of the Stars, Moon, Sun, Planets, Galaxies and Universe’s coinciding in sacred geometrical patterns. They foresaw world-shaking changes in the social, mental, emotional and physical aspects of the planet.  The increased earthquake activities, volcanic eruptions, gigantic windstorms, all announce a time in which the old civilizations would pass away. Simultaneously birthing into existence a new world, the rising of the Phoenix, the Fire Bird from the ashes of chaos, the paradise of prophecy the Sacred Fifth World ahead.

Now more than ever we the indigenous people of all nations and all cultures from all over the globe would come forward to share our age-old traditions. These ceremonies and rituals help soften the shifting and allow us to co-create our paradise with Mother Earth as she births the new world ahead. Our combined native voices of the America’s are charging humanity to rise to a heightened level of respect and sensitivity to Nature; helping our fellow sisters and brothers embrace a co-creative partnership worldwide within all of Nature. At this time a unique flood of new information and energy is emerging about the foretold new age when science and ancient knowledge would merge to bring peace to the Earth. Our teachings bring a message of hope for humanity, that they have the power to heal Mother Earth and that by choosing to live in peace is to be One with the Laws of Nature, the Universal Laws.

While everyone can see that dramatic geological and climatic adjustments are indeed taking place, we are also at a critical point in this period of history.  We are at a crucial juncture in man's emotional, spiritual, mental and physical development. Spiritual traditions and leaders worldwide agree that Mother Earth is in the midst of an earth-shattering evolution in consciousness. A rapidly approaching union of dimensions opens a door into the heart of space and time as was prophesized by the Uto Aztecan/Mayan/Shoshonean Speaking Tribes and many others tribes of the America’s, including other cultures of the world. The Red Nations of the America’s are to come to the aid of Mother Earth and all of humanity bringing peace through our ancient wisdom. We are to teach the great power of ceremonies and rituals that will influence all of humanity as they see the earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, fires, tidal waves, droughts and other environmental energies gentle and even stop taking place through our ceremonies.  When they see the changes in nature and the many environmental healings affected through our ancient ways, they will remember and people all over the world will begin to practice the Laws of Nature, the way of ceremony again, restoring peace, love and harmony to all of Creation.



The prophecy of the White Buffalo, which has been fulfilled, indicated that we have entered into a short period of time that precedes the birth of a new world of existence.  Many messages foretold that this window of time, the one we are in now, is to be utilized to heal all that needs healing throughout the world. Native American Prophecy has spoken to many of us who know now is the time to act in sacredness, preserving and protecting Mother Earth by sharing our ceremonies and rituals with all of humanity.  Healing the heart energy of Mother Earth restoring and rebirthing of the Green Aura of the Emerald Grid, Earth’s heart energy. Our love for our Mothers love that transmits into the electro-magnetic energy grids, known as ley lines, formed in sacred geometrical formations held together by the sacred sites upon Mother Earth’s surfaces worldwide.

These electrical magnetic energy grids give a charge of life-force energy to all that exists.  These energies are stored at and transmitted from Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites. In the pyramids of the sacred energy centers of Canada, United States, Mexico, Guatemala and into South America are the Timekeepers of Ancient Wisdom. In the temples of those dreamers and vision-makers of the ancient civilizations, was developed the sciences, the rituals, the ceremonies of knowing; experiencing personal energy from the sun, moon, stars, galaxies and the universe for spiritual development. This spiritual knowledge and wisdom holds that piece of the puzzle, the fail-safe key to peace within the sacred wisdom of Turtle Island.  It is time to share this knowledge and wisdom from the America’ with the world today.


SUMMER SOLSTICE, JUNE 19th, 20th, & 21st, 2012

The I Am within me, which means I AM a piece of all that is, I AM another you, this presence reminds each and everyone of us that we are all related to each other and nature no matter what color, culture, tradition, religion or any other groups we may belong to in the world, in the end we are all one race, humanity.  We are all created from the elements of our Mother Earth, just like all of creation is made of these same elements. Each and every one of us that are conscious enough to remember this can make a difference in healing for the sake of humanity’s survival.  Those that get this message are to remember we are the ones that we have been sent here to act now remembering our sacred tasks and gifts that we were to complete and fulfill at this moment.   

My name is Bennie Earl "Blue Thunder" LeBeau, Sr., an Eastern Shoshone Nation Tribal Member, from the Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming.  The ancestors and holy ones sent me on a journey studying sacred sites for many years within the Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern United States, as well as Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica and now into South America. As a Native American Member of the Eastern Shoshone Nation I recognize the powerful earth healing wisdom, the ancestors and spirits began bringing me teachings about how medicinal healing can take place through the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies across the America’s at sacred sites. The following ceremonies have been completed and have been very successful in promoting peace and harmony to heal the environments.  They have healed areas that were suffering from droughts, floods, tornadoes, volcanoes and earthquake activities. 

This wisdom sits within the rock art, or petroglyphs, of my people in: Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California, Montana, New Mexico, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica and South America. Including other homelands of my relatives of 28 tribes and nations in North America, Central America and South America. This work has been blessed with the help of other elders teaching’s from many other tribes and nations of the Black, White, and Yellow and Red cultures alike.  The work has been recognized by many cultures and many understand the importance of fulfilling the prophecies of the Eagle & Condor Nations of the America’s coming together, united to present the teachings of peace, Nature’s Laws to the whole world. 


Consider This Message of the “ Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy”….

“When the Earth is dying there shall rise a new tribe of all colors and all creeds. This tribe shall be called the, “Warriors of the Rainbows and they will put their faith in actions and not words.” Also a Prophecy of the Hopi People mention, The “Warriors of the Rainbow” would spread these messages and teach all peoples of the Earth and teach them how to live the “Way of the Spirit”.  The tasks of these Warriors of the Rainbow”, are many and great.

Chief Sealth’s Quote (Known as Chief Seattle, who was from Washington State, in the U.S.A.), "The earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood, which unites one family. All things are connected. "Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. " "When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them."

There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred.  They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength. They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow them on this road of returning “Mother Earth” to beauty and plenty once more. 

An Arapahoe Proverb, “When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us”.



A new universe is now flying through the cosmos and about to enter the earth’s heavens.  Prophecies foretell of a people who will rise from the earth’s ashes like the thunderbird symbolizing rebirth. They will bring balance and harmony back to Mother Earth. They will be pathfinders, dream walkers leading the way to a new reality. Great spiritual leaders and warriors of many nations will be born and they will cleanse the earth for rebirth. Together they will be called the Rainbow Warriors for they will gather the four directions, all distinctly separate but forever connected in the Circle of Life. They will bring together the four races of man to live in peace. The four sacred directions and the four races of man are symbolized by the magnificence and glory of the rainbow. 

The sacred Circle of Life turns slowly but inevitably back to the place where it began. As each ages passes it cannot be reclaimed. Now is the time to begin to prepare us to become the inheritors of Mother Earth, to become Warriors of the Rainbow for the sake of our children’s children and all humanity and creation.  The road of the future is not red with blood; it is a rainbow leading to the Creators grace by way of prayer, good works, and faith. To be chosen to walk the path of the light is not a decision made by some religious leader, a government agency or politician, our very survival depends on the Warriors of the Rainbow. It is a personal choice made by a mind and heart free of the idols of modern materialism. It is a decision made between the individual, you’re higher self and the Creator, one with nature and all of creation. These messages are from the Native American Prophecies of the Cree and Hopi People of North America.

Albert Einstein’s Quote, “The world has become a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”.

Rabindranath Tagore’s Phrase “Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them”.



Please help us give love and healing to humanity and our Mother Earth in this Eagle & Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel Ceremony encompassing North, Central and South America, on the Solstice of June 19th, 20th, & 21st, 2012. Help brighten the light of the Rainbows as we bring forth the bright opalescent colors within Mother Natures’ soils, winds, fires, and waters.  Brightening the rainbows within the rains, snows, streams, rivers, springs, lakes and oceans. Bringing renewed light, renewed life to the trees, plants, animals, insects and birds, all of Creation.  Please join us and become one of the Warriors of the Rainbows healing Mother Earth’s environment in the America’s and worldwide.

As a member of my Eastern Shoshone people our tradition is to vision quest and to hold ceremonies and rituals like the Sundance’s and Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremonies’ and Medicine Wheel Ceremonies’ for our soul to heal.  Our people are a people of Sundance Ceremonies where we dance, three to four days without food or water.  In the Sundance Ceremony we fast and dance under the Sun and the Moon.  The Great Spirit, Mother Earth, the Ancestors and other Holy Ones in the spirit realm began to visit with me as a child and into my early thirties, and they still communicate with me now in my sixties.  They showed me many images of ceremonies in the shapes of circles and star patterns, known as sacred geometry that would heal the environments. The visions of the work to heal the environments began in 1987, by visiting the Northwestern, Southwestern and the Atlantic States of the Unites States.

 Please keep in mind that these are the messages, dreams and visions shown to my spirit by the Great Spirit, who says he is the I AM.  We are all part of this I AM, which is all of creation of the Universe, Cosmos and Mother Earth; the Great Spirits’ being is in All That Is. The Great Spirit mentioned that All That Is, is of the Creators Being and that we are all Creators living within creator.  The instructions of the words came to me and for the I AM within me to know this was the Creator speaking to me, the Great Spirit who instructed me that we are all made from this holy being know as the I AM, and that we all are the Creator, God, Great Spirit, one spirit made into many and sent to Mother Earth.

In all the ceremonies that came in dreams and visions, the I AM within me, remembers the Great Spirit, God, the Creator is in all living things.  The Great Spirit and Mother Earth, our ancestors’ and the Holy Ones have been sharing with me visions and dreams about the earth wisdom and have asked me to share this with all the Nations of the world and ask them to support the ceremonies.  These Holy Beings of the Light have become my trusted advisors through this spiritual mission I am on during this lifetime.

Within the Native American Nations it is customary to ask for the consideration and support of the elders.  To ask them to consider the powerful dreams that would help the people and the environment.  To consider these visions are coming to bring awareness of how a healing, a ceremony can be set in motion to take place. Speaking about the importance of ceremonies was a way our Native American people’s utilized for many years.  The I AM presence, my spirit within me began the work in promoting the ceremonies gathering all Nations and Cultures.  I have always done my best to communicate with the local indigenous people at home and in every area I have had visions ceremonies in and have asked them to join in the ceremony to heal what Mother Nature has called forth to be healed. Many of like minds and hearts have supported the dreams and joined in the ceremonies to promote a huge healing to the elements, protecting Mother Earth and all of Creation.

The first Medicine Wheel Ceremony was 1,200 miles across the circle. Known as the Magnificent 19+1=20, The Grand Teton Medicine Wheel Ceremony where 20 Sacred Sites had ceremonies to clear negative emotions that were trapped in the environments electro-magnetic energy fields. Going back over the last 500 years, much historical trauma has been imprinted into the sacred sites. We did much preparatory work on the sacred sites in order to prepare the lands before the main ceremonies begin on all the Medicine Wheel sacred sites.  Each site was spiritually studied to see what needed to be healed, cleansed, cleared and blessed back into harmony through ceremonies.  This needed to be done in order for Mother Nature to heal, for the balancing of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water elements.  When this was done, it opened the steam vents and geysers.  It activated the rain and snow to return.  It filled many glaciers and allowed for springs to be activated and the rivers to flow. This helped in many drought-ridden areas, healing and calming the high winds, tornadoes, volcanic energies, and earthquake energies in addition to bringing back the water

The Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, May 8th, 2004, (Called the Magnificent 19 + 1 = 20 Ceremony), healed twenty sacred sites This work all began with the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, May 8th, 2004.  Many other ceremonies came after that including the November 15th, 2004 Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony surrounding Bear Lake, California. And the Uto Aztecan/Crescent Moon/Dolphin/Whale/Bear Nations Ceremony, May 13th & 14th, 2006 that was located on 21 Sacred Sites in Eight Northwestern States of the USA: these ceremonies are all within The Grand Teton Medicine Wheel Circle.

The Uto Aztecan/Crescent Moon/Dolphin-Whale-Bear ceremony was located inside this Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, in May 2006 in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Washington Oregon and Wyoming. This ceremony helped to bring more rain to this crescent shaped moon area upon Mother Earth.  We have called many nations and groups together in the past with these type ceremonies and we know the importance of this work.  We are asking all nations and cultures to consider joining us in more ceremonies, for our families’ future depends upon us joining together as One and singing and dreaming into existence the future of our thoughts.

Further ceremonies such as the Stone Mountain Medicine Wheel Ceremony, of May 18th, 2008 were held in five states surrounding Atlanta, Georgia as the central hub of the Medicine Wheel including Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina. These ceremonies healed the drought there, within one year the governor had declared the several years long historical droughts over.  These ceremonies brought about awareness in the consciousness of humanity that can restore, preserve and protect Mother Earth through educating all of humanity about Nature’s Laws, the Universal Laws, the Law of One. 

Healing Sacred Sites is a gift of wisdom and knowledge that I carry as an Eastern Shoshone from Wyoming, from the Wind River Indian Reservation who is knowledgeable about the teachings of peace, under the Heart of the Rose.  Within this wisdom is the knowledge I have gained from my different elders and other tribes in my homelands, while also learning from other spiritual teachings from other nations by participating in many different cultures ceremonies. The Earth Wisdom and knowledge I have been given is through dreaming and vision questing.  I also have an understanding as an individual in my own way of the Indigenous Nations Ancient Earth Wisdoms teachings.   I ask with all my being that all Indigenous Nations of the Earth, the Black, White, Yellow, Red and Brown, the Aborigine, all Cultures of all Traditions to consider to work side by side in peace and unity with one another to heal Mother Earth and All of Creation.

I ask all nations of all cultures to sit in sacred ceremonies with one another getting over the pains of the past to create a brighter future for tomorrow, once and for all getting over the victimhood energy. In the name of peace, for the love for Mother Earth, for all of creation: sharing our spirit songs and ceremonies together with each other as we protect and build our future ahead.  When we can respect and love one another and for our Mother Earth, we will have completed many of the missions that we have been sent to complete. In order for harmony to return it is important to consider having respect for one another. It is of utmost importance to remember that we are all related to each other and all of creation: because we are all made of the same elements from one common Mother, Mother Earth and her elements. When we unite, we become a circle within the sacred circles that represent the Oneness in the flower of life, from the central Tree of Life, as illustrated in that Flower of Life Symbol inside the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel Ceremony.

Working together like the five fingers of the hand as one, as our hands work together in synchronicity to create beauty all around us, above us and below us and especially within our hearts. Sitting in sacred traditional native ceremonies that we all have from all nations and cultures. Learning to interpret the dreams we share together as the Children of the Sun and of our Mother Earth. Remembering that the ways we all have are the same and similar and can work together in One ceremony. No wrong way or right way, just the way that all nations have been given through the Creator’s sacred ways, Natures Law’s, the original instructions called traditions. The ability to know and understand what we can do will empower us all to come together to heal all as One.  As our many different ways converge, we recognize our similarities and that all of our ceremonies do the same thing, heal the environment.

When those cultures of the Red, White, Yellow and Black Nations alike can see the truth in how we have all affected the elements of our Mother’s Earth, Wind, Fire and Water: And then remember how the Elements need our light, our love and gratitude to help heal our environment worldwide. When we awaken from a deep sleep to the wisdom and knowledge of ceremony once again, we will have fulfilled our destiny for peace. Please remember that we are those elements that are out of balance.  They are a reflection of our actions and thinking patterns and it is this that has created Mother Natures disasters.

The Mayan Elders that adopted me as a grandson are speaking of six knot’s of negative energy in the emotional energy fields of Mother Earth.  When we do ceremonies to heal the 20 energies that circle around the moon, we heal nature’s genetic make up, the DNA of our Mother Earth and All of Creation within the Thirteen Moon Cycles (one year’s time).  We are beginning to remember the wisdom of ancient times, the knowledge that all nations and cultures once knew and lived by.  As we awaken and take back the responsibility of the rituals and ceremonies, humanity will a come together to can heal natures and create a beautiful, abundant future for all. 

Preservation of Mother Earth through re-education is very important to help protect and heal Mother Nature’s sacred carpets worldwide.  Earth Wisdom Foundation thanks those of you for your support in the past, in the present and in the future.  Thank you for supporting the work healing Mother Earth’s landscapes, as we soften the shifting of Mother Natures coming changes as we move towards 2012 and beyond.  As worldwide prophecies mention, there will not be one stone that will not be overturned during the last days of the fourth world as the fifth world is birthed into existence.  This work is preparing the way for smooth and gentle shifts as the lands re-aligns as we move through 2012 when the Galactic Alignment lines up key planets, stars, black holes, suns and moons.

I pray and send out my intentions out to my elder brothers & sisters of the Eagle and Condor Nations to take into consideration this ceremony. I ask for your hearts advice and to consider sitting in counsels and praying about this message.  I humbly ask you to ask the Holy Ones if this is what we have been waiting for, like prophecy has stated for the future of those choosing the Fifth World ahead.  I open my heart to those that will look upon this message with an open heart and mind. Choosing what is in their hearts and sending a prayer out to all of creation and humanity to prepare and protect us as we move into the New Mother Earth that will be birthed into existence.   I send out this message in order for meetings to take place where we all sit in the traditional counsels.  I will continue to deliver more information on this sacred dream and our work for the future.  We are working for the betterment of all of our children and all of creation.  May we all walk the road to peace, love and harmony as One people, as the children of the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

We need your help in many ways in order to complete this great work.  We ask those of you who may be resonating to consider sponsoring our work or being ambassadors who are tasked with the management of their sacred sites for the Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  They coordinate for their location and facilitate the ceremony at that Sacred Site.   You can learn a lot more about the work by visiting us at or to learn about past, present and future ceremonies and learn more about how science is proving how the ancient ways work and that they do in fact keep Nature in balance through prayer, sacred sound and vibration.

For the dates and times of future work, please check the scheduled events on Please email us and if you would like to become a sponsor in supporting ceremonies in your areas, as we work simultaneously as one. Please keep in contact with the Earth Wisdom Foundations’ current events that are taking place now and in the future in your areas or homelands.

Financial sponsorship is needed to assist Blue Thunder and other Indigenous Elders of all Nations travel as they continue this great work. We invite you to become a sponsor for these Earth healing events & the gatherings of all nations.   You can always donate to the work at  Earth Wisdom Foundation is a non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible.

Below is a history of the work that has been done since 2004 to heal the environment and awaken humanity to the Oneness of all life.



Contact Information for BlueThunder:

Bennie “BlueThunder” LeBeau, Sr., Eastern Shoshone Nation Tribal Member

Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming  email

Cell Phone: 307 851-6249 (Not currently in service while traveling in Central America)




The Grand Teton Medicine Wheel – Super Yellowstone Volcano Ceremony

Held May 8th, 2004 – for 48 Hours

Healing the Super Yellowstone Volcano in this Medicine Wheel Ceremony


This Ceremony helped calm a powerful disaster in the making in this Super Yellowstone Volcano by the historical imprinting by negative sounds and vibrations in the Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming in the United State of America. The negative sounds and actions that were coming from the opposite side of the Earth, in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan’s warring energy. Keep in mind that the wars and fighting along with bad sounds and vibrations are still affecting the Super Yellowstone Volcano. These sounds and vibrations are what sealed the geysers not allowing the steam vents to flow and trapped the energy, creating the potential of a volcanic explosion in Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming. Scientist in 2003 and 2004 at that time were keeping watch and utilizing their scientific methods of what was transpiring within the Yellowstone Super Volcano.  They were saying if the Yellowstone Super Volcano did erupt then it would or could be two hundred times the size of the Mt. Saint Helens Volcanic explosion that erupted in Washington State in North America.  Due to the dreams and visions of the messages from the Ancestors and Mother Earth we were to call humanity together to do a Medicine wheel Ceremony of sacred sounds and vibrations on twenty sacred sites in ceremony.  This was done for 48 hours to help open the steam vents in the geysers to allow the pressure to be relieved in the Yellowstone Super Volcano: Helping in calming the Earthquakes and volcanic energy in the Yellowstone National Park and in the Grand Teton National Parks of Wyoming areas.




Flower of Life 19 + 1 geometry 2


        The Grand Teton Medicine Wheel

        The Magnificent 19+1=20 Medicine Wheel Ceremony

            May 8th, 2004 Grand Teton & the Yellowstone

     National Parks of Wyoming


This 1,200 miles across Medicine Wheel Circle within the sacred circles is illustrated as the Flower of Life Symbol, Grandmother Spider Woman’s Web of Life inside the Grand “Teton Medicine Wheel Ceremony helped heal the volcanic explosion and the earthquakes in the Yellowstone & the Grand Teton National Parks of Wyoming located in USA of North America, on May 8th 2004.

Big Bear Golden Medicine Wheel


November 15th, 2004

Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony


Surrounding Bear Lake, California brought backwater through rain and snows & activating springs, healing the environment.


Many had been waiting and asking what is next, since the Magnificent 19 + 1 = 20 Ceremony, May 8th 2004. We called upon the men and women of the Rainbow Warriors for their help in prayer and ceremony. Restoring the sacred heartbeat of the universe back into the Big Bear Medicine Wheel using our sacred drums and instruments. Restoring the energy that Mother Earth’s children are calling for, the trees, and four legged, swimmers in water, flyers, and crawlers right down to the micro-organisms bring back the breath of life, water. Earlier in September 2004 a gathering took place with Journey To The Heart an organization that works to help educate the general public about indigenous knowledge. This gathering took place at the Alpine Meadows Camp & Recreation Center in the Big Bear Lake area. The Gathering: An Alliance of Elders, Healers and Wisdom Keepers. This gathering of the White, Black, Yellow and Red Nations were working together once bring an awareness about ceremonies. Bring peace and harmony to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. At this time another dream transpired as the spirits asked for help. A vision had come that mentions the trees, all of creation and her children needed our help in the Big Bear Lake area of California and surrounding areas.

.Dolphin Nations Flyer LVN


The Uto Aztecan/Crescent Moon/Dolphin/Whale/Bear Nations Ceremony, May 13th & 14th, was located within the 19 triangles of the Magnificent 19+1=20 Ceremonial Circle to help with healing the environments with enhanced the rains and springs to birth back into existence in many more sacred sites within the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel that was activated on May 8th, 2004.






 May 17th and 18th of 2008,

 Stone Mountain & Uluru (Ayers Rock) Australian
Medicine Wheel Ceremony


This ceremony was held in five states surrounding Atlanta, Georgia and Ayers Rock, Australia. Stone Mountain located near Atlanta, Georgia in the USA was the central hub of the Medicine Wheel Gathering.  This Medicine Wheel Ceremony broke the historical drought that was in these five states in the South Eastern United States of America.


This Medicine Wheel Ceremony was done for the healing the environment. This was done to bring back the rains and calm the high winds and tornadoes in the states of   Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  The many Medicine Wheel ceremonies have brought an awareness for the consciousness to humanity in the "Preserving and Protecting Mother Earth thru Educating all of Humanity on the Universal Laws of Peace, Mother Nature’s Laws,” the healing Sacred Sites teachings with Blue Thunder from the Eastern Shoshone Nation have be very instrumental in the environments.


Stands In Balance N Mexico - 1


This Petroglyph Rock Writing Represents

The Nineteen Triangle Points with one in the Center on the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel May 8th, 2009 aka the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel that took place on May 8th, 2009

 Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks of Wyoming

Where the Yellowstone Super Volcano is Located






Spring Equinox, March 2011

Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel Ceremony


Two ancestors, Chief Sealth aka Chief Seattle, and Sacajawea, one of BlueThunder’s great grandmothers, called for this ceremony.  This ceremony is what brought BlueThunder and his wife Kristine together, as she had visions from Chief Seattle and BlueThunder also had visions from this chief, asking him to come to Washington State and help one of his granddaughters to help heal our Mother Earth and all cultures and nations differences.


The vision for this ceremony was give on 10/10/10 and was fulfilled on the Spring Equinox in 2011.  The medicine wheel circle continues to be worked by the local people who helped us co-create this amazing ceremony.  They have been strong in their ceremonies on Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox 2011, planning another ceremony for the 11/11/11.


September Teotohuacan Wheel.jpg

September, Fall Equinox 2011



Winter Solstice

December 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2011

Teotihuacan Medicine Wheel Ceremony


This crop circle appeared on July 22, 2011 in Wiltshire, England confirming the messages we had received from Great Spirit to create the medicine wheel ceremony there to balance the sun and moon energies, the four directions and to cleanse the Web of Life,
the Earth, Air, Fire & Water elements' electromagnetic fields and restore a healthy gyroscope, allowing Mother Earth to come back into peace and harmony.

During the Fall Equinox, September 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2011 and the Winter Solstice, December 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2011, we will hold The Grand Teotihuacan Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  That represents many sacred sites surrounding the Temples of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico. In this Grand Teotihuacan Medicine Wheel Ceremony, we are asking people of all cultures and traditions to join us.  We ask you to bring your ceremonies, songs, dances, rituals and sacred traditions to accomplish the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor Nations healing Mother Earth and all of creation.



Bennie “BlueThunder” LeBeau asks the sister’s & brothers of North, Central & South America to please consider joining in this Eagle & Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel Ceremony. Please consider this dream and vision.  This dream has been given to me in December of 2009.  This message came to connect the North, Central and South American broken energy force fields within the environments’ electrical magnetic within the earth, wind, fire and water elements.  In doing so reweaving the energies of the serpents back, known as the Mountain Ranges Ridges that runs from the North, Central and South America.  This was the dream healing the vertebrae of the serpents being, the mountain ranges flowing north and south in the America’s in this Ceremony promoting the Golden Web of Life; this ceremony will promote and heal the Golden Age Energies Prophecies as we wait for the Fifth Sun that will birth the New World ahead as we move into the galactic alignment that is prophesized to take place around December 21st, 2012.  Prophecy from many nations states that the Condor & Eagle will meet in the center, Costa Rica and it is my knowing that this ceremony will enhance the coming of the Golden Vibration that will take place within Grand Mother Spiders Web of Life, her star patterns upon Mother Earth.  I set my intentions and bring forth this message for peace, for humanity to love Mother Earth and Each other, for harmony to return in the name of the teachings of peace.


Copy of Costa Rica-medicine Wheel-eagle&condor-whee013


This image above is the entire 4,000 mile Eagle & Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel circle.  We did a medicine wheel ceremony in July of 2011 to set the center circle in Costa Rice.  This Eagle & Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel Ceremony will heal he Atlantean and Lemurian Energies, the concurring energies that create victimhood and all the other negative energies that have been imprinted into the crystalline energy grids of Mother Earth for 26, 000 years.






July 2011 - Costa Rica Medicine Wheel Ceremony

This image of the Costa Rica Medicine Wheel Ceremony was the first phase of the Eagle & Condor Nations United Medicine Wheel Ceremony, the 4,000-mile wheel across North, Central and South America.  This circle is the center circle of the larger medicine wheel.  We have already done the preliminary work healing the volcanoes and earthquakes healing these elements the best that we could get them, reharmonizing the web of life in this medicine wheel ceremony. We worked with the nine volcanoes along the spine of the country and balanced the environment in July 2011 to be ready to hold the energies in the bigger ceremony on June 19th, 20th, 21st, 2012. We ask all nations to join us on all nine of the sacred sites points during the North, South & Central American Medicine Wheel Ceremony.  As we join simultaneously working together as one people. As we heal our sacred sites within this 4,000 miles across medicine wheel ceremony. Keep in mind we have already prepared the center of the medicine wheel in Costa Rica and the other eight sacred sites still need healing yet in the North, Central and South America. We are on the move and would like support from the private individuals and groups alike from around the world to help us in their donation and help in any way possible. We thank your all for you consideration on this huge endeavor. Please contact BlueThunder on your intentions to support this ceremony for our futures depend upon us, we thank you all for you consideration to support this ceremony.


Thank you, Ooweehoo…
BlueThunder, Eastern Shoshone Nation,
Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming (USA)


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