We thank you for visiting our website and welcome all thoughts and comments that you would like to express.  Our spoken word is our truths and everyone is entilted to each their own. 

Many blessings of peace, love and harmony to all that is!

Scroll to the bottom to share your dreams, thoughts, visions, synchronicities and prayers that you carry for the medicine wheel ceremonies.  Please share with us what you are seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. 

Sharing your thoughts will help us to put together all of the pieces of the puzzle in order to become more aware of the energy of our environment so that we may best help to re-harmonize it and heal our precious Mother Earth.

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Kat Will said:   March 3, 2011 4:07 pm PST
Amy--You have done such an amazing job on the website. I too am sending all my love for everyone involved with making the PNWMW a reality. My daily intentions of peace, love and harmony are with you all each moment of my day. I just found 2 volunteers at the library who were making copies of the event to solicite participation/funds and distribute them around town. What a beautiful synchronicity. I pray each day that I will be able to participate as fully as I'm able. To see all that is coming up is awe inspiring. I send all my loving light and thanks to all my fellow Rainbow Peace-iors. Together we will heal Mother Earth and help usher in the Golden Era. NAMASTE

Amy said:   February 22, 2011 3:02 am PST
I radiate peace, love, and harmony...and this is why I choose to be a Peacior! I have a vision that Mother Earth will heal with our sounds and vibrations as we unite as one and celebrate our lives, for we all live on Planet Earth. Love and Light to all that is!

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