Law of Ceremony



Please consider this is a simple formula at its present stage simply meant to bring about a basic understanding of the components involved in ceremony and a common modality of measurement for practical use of this equation are still being worked out.


(S) is the sum of all vibratory frequencies or tones being produced via voice or instrument and the average harmonic value of the sum total of vibratory frequencies’ relation to the resonant vibration of the area or site being focused upon during said ceremony.


(M) is the sum total of movement taking place via dancing, rotation, clapping, and even breathing or breath, for as the depth of breath increases the expansion and contraction of the chest and body also increases which goes to play in the field of motion and movement. (consider to keep in mind that breath has a power unto its own in regards to depth and rate which we will for now simply consider as part of movement, as this is a simple formula at its present stage simply meant to bring about a basic understanding of the components involved in ceremony)


(N) is the number of people engaged and or participating in the ceremony itself however does not include those engaged as bystanders watching what is taking place, as their addition would effect the next variable which is the collective intention if they were unaware of what was taking place, so we will simply not include them at this time. However non the less this does not exclude them from feeling the energy being produced by the ceremony, as this energy acts as a radiant vortex which will expand outwards in all directions based on the sum total of energy created by the ceremony which can be found by calculating the value of (C), and the direction or focus of the ceremony to begin with.


(i) is the final variable, which is the collective intention, and raises the value of (N) exponentially however within its use of this equation we shall focus upon the value of (i) within a range of (0 -10) as a representation of a percentage scale of 100%, thus we can effectively determine the value of the collective intention as the percentage or degree of coherence accruing among all those taking part in the ceremony. So here we can see the collective intention being the most powerful single variable within the “law of ceremony”. What this means is that the number of people engaging in the ceremony is only as strong as the collective intention. An example of this can be seen in situation in which there is a high degree of sound and movement as well as a high number of people engaged yet there is little or no collective focus or intention. With this equation we can see that as a result of there being no collective intention that although there may be lots of people engaged there value of Ni will revert back to a value of only 1. As any number raised to the power of zero is equal to one. Which shows that without a collective focus or intention everyone is only engaged in his or her own matters. We can see this better below…






if we incorporate the arbitrary values of S= 50  M=70 N=30 i=0


C=(50+70) x30^0


C=(120) x1             50+70= 120 and 30 to the power of 0 is equal to only 1


C=120                        thus we have a ceremony which creates an energy radiance of 120


Which may seem like a lot however… if we use the same values but raise the collective intention to a higher degree of synchronicity or focus say of still a low value such as 4 which we can say is 40% of the people engaged sharing a collective intention, then we get…


C=(50+70) 30^4


C=(120) x810,000


Now although these are arbitrary values selected only to show the power of intention we still can see how with even a collective intention of 4 which can be seen as 40% of the 30 people engaging sharing a collective intention or focus raises the value of C or the ceremonial energy to such an exponential degree that we now have a Ceremony 810,000 times more powerful then a ceremony with the same number of people engaged without any collective intention or focus. This goes to show that intention is everything when it comes to ceremony.


Using this equation we can also come to understand the saying from the bible, “where ever two or more are gathered in my name, I AM present among them” 

-Mathew 18:20


As we can once again see if C=(S+M) Ni, and if, having only one person, the sum of Ni would equal one, as one raised to any power is always equal to one. We can see that the total ceremonial effect would be completely dependent upon the values of (S+M).


I may also point out here that the effect or degree of values of Sound and Motion are dependent upon a large number of varying components still being worked out into a coherent modem of measuring the modulation of frequencies in conjunction with already existent natural vibration of said ceremonial site or focal point, yet once again this is still only a basic model for identifying the key components of ceremony.


Where as if we have even two people, then the degree of coherent focus of intention between the two can begin to fluctuate to a degree, which has a significant effect upon the entire equation or law of ceremony.





As we can see below, 2 to the power of (i) within a range of one to ten has a wide range of significant figures:


(i)                        2^(i)

1                        2

2                        4

3                        8

4                        16

5                        32

6                        64

7                        128

8                        256

9                        512

10                        1024


Thus showing that as soon as 2 people are engaged there is a wide range of coherence between the two that can occur any where between 0 and 100%, which apparently results in a wide range of range of functional outcomes within the entirety of the equation for the law of ceremony. And truly we can see “where two or more are present, I AM present among them.” However this also shows us much more, and allows us to see how we are relating to each other, or how the degree of coherence between us can have such a profound effect upon our collective effect amongst the expanse of the infinite.


The Law of Ceremony serves us now to identify the components of ceremony and how there is much to be understood when it comes to the significance of our apparent ability to collectively communicate and engage with each other in a coherent manner, which only begs us to ask the question what is coherence?


Yet none the less it is important to consider to keep in mind as we move onwards in the coming times that ceremony is occurring at all times, as through the law of ceremony, it can be seen as the sum total of our collective expression taking place and our collective intention placed behind it. Which works to shape our very paradigm of our collective reality at every moment in every time. Ceremony is life, and thus life is ceremony, so let all life be a celebration in ceremony.


In service and accompaniment through the shifting of ages,

Addison ‘Emerald Sun’ Houston

Po Tolo Academy: Center of Existential Science and Arts 

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