Mt. Shasta Medicine Wheel Ceremony

May 20, 2012

Dear Friends & Family of Light,

We are not going to be sponsoring or moving forward with the proposed Medicine Wheel Ceremony for May 20th in Mt. Shasta. My father had been ill and sick for three weeks and has now passed away three days ago. I am now with my relatives, families and friends as we prepare a celebration honoring my father, Earl LeBeau.

My hopes are that everyone who is called to will join as one people and consider to heal the sacred site surrounding Mt. Shasta. My prayers go out to those many cultures that could still come together and agree to support each other in some sort of healing ceremony similar to the Medicine Wheel Ceremonies. I will continue to focus my efforts in the Grand Tetons, promoting the June 18th to the 21st Eagle & Condor Nations United 4,000 Mile Medicine Wheel Ceremony. Groups from North, Central and South America will all be gathering on their sacred sites to do ceremonies. As all nations and cultures work together steadying the America's tectonic plates and healing nature to shift in the most gentlest way possible working with Mother Earth. I thank you all for considering to join us as we do our best for to assist Mother Nature and support her as we move through the rest of 2012.

We call forth all nations and cultures to work for peace and harmony as one people healing their differences with each other no matter what culture or traditions we are. These gatherings and ceremonies will help gentle the coming shifts as we move through the 2012 portal of opportunity and move into 2013 and beyond.

I have been invited to work with many leaders during the World Peace & Prayer Day Ceremonies as we now converge with this ceremony sharing the wisdom of healing Mother Earth's elements. These powerful ceremonies with be held in the homelands of the Shoshone Nations in Wyoming that we once shared with all other nations and cultures. The organizer for this World Peace and Pray Day Gathering has invited many cultures within the Buffalo Nations and all cultures to attend. I have chosen at this time to do the 4,000 Mile Medicine Wheel, in the Grand Tetons of my people. And I will join those that will help support Chief Arvol Lookinghorse from the Lakota Nation and my self in these ceremonies.

I feel a great healing will take place as we join our wisdom and knowledge, as our schedules become one on the same dates, place and time in the same ceremony. As our North, Central & South American Medicine Wheel Ceremony and the World Peace and Prayer Day were scheduled to take place at the same time, now we will support each other and all other ceremonies around the world. We will be celebrating and bringing awareness about protecting and healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites in the ceremonies that will take place in conjunction with each other.

Chief Arvol Lookinghorse and myself, along with many others will be celebrating World Peace and Prayer day and in the Grand Tetons on the Solstice on June 18th to June 21st, 2012. Many leaders have been invited to work gathering all nations and cultures to help fulfill the Eagle and Condor Nations Prophecies promoting peace and healing Mother Earth and each other for peace, love and harmony to return. Please join us in Wyoming in the Grand Teton's Wyoming near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As we get more details on time and locations, we will send another email and post them on our website.

Thank you, Oohweehoo, BlueThunder
Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member/Spiritual Advisor
541.326.2475 -

Saturday, April 14th, 2012, Ashland, Oregon

Proposed Mt. Shasta Medicine Wheel Ceremony - On May 20th, 2012

Hello Family of Light, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy,

Remember we are made of the Colors of Light In the Name of Peace!!!!!

The preparations for the circle ceremony where many can encircle the mountains sacred sites is being prepared for Mt. Shasta and surrounding areas. Native American and other cultures around the world sponsor many healing ceremonies sitting in circles, choosing no prejudice over what culture anyone is from joining in the healing ceremonies. Humanity is being asked to participate in what will be presented to all cultures to consider to support and celebrating the May 20th, utilizing the energies of the New Moon and Full Solar Eclipse occurring that day. In order for this ceremony to be a success and understood it is important for those that will be hearing rumors to please read this message.

This Mt. Shasta Medicine Wheel Ceremony is being held for the benefit of healing nine sacred sites as we draw on the power from the New Moon and Full Solar Eclipse healing the emotions upon Mother Earth in this ceremony. We ask all the cultures' leaders in and around Mt. Shasta to contact us so we can present the purpose of this dream and vision to you that has come from the Mountain herself, the ancestors and others. She is calling upon her children to come to her aid, rescuing her from many negative activities that have been recorded in her environment that have taken place for over 500 years and more. Emotions and actions of greed, materialistic ways, war, fighting, anger, hatred, resentment, victimhood feelings, jealousy, genocide and more that has affected the environment.

These actions in humanity have imprinted her to have post-traumatic stress syndrome that has made negative weather patterns to happen and caused nature to fall out of balance. The actions and emotions have been recorded in Mother Earth’s electrical magnetic energy force fields, in the soil, wind, fire and the water elements, which represents the ethers.

We will be hosting our first planning meeting on Saturday, April 21st at Seed Of Life Cafe, 414 N Mt Shasta Blvd from noon to 3pm. We will be having another planning meeting in Ashland, Oregon on Sunday, April 22nd at the Jackson Wellspring Community Room, 2253 Hwy 99 N, from 2pm to 5pm.

We are asking the Native American Community Leader/Members in all the tribes to consider calling us for further details so we can visit with you and set meetings in your areas also. In order to offer you offerings for you to consider supporting this ceremony. We are asking all groups and cultures alike to get in touch with us. Remember this is a grass roots effort on all our parts that we ask you to please call us or email us for it is very hard to find every individual or group. This work involves a lot of time, effort and funds to really get this done in a most sacred honorable way and please remember we are doing our best. Remember this ceremony has no cost, with no charge what so ever in any way shape or form. In order to bring this ceremony to the forefront we ask for peaceful intentions and actions from all groups to work accordingly together in peace to get over the differences that have already occurred: As prophecy has foretold for we are those the future has been waiting for to bring peace about. In order for peace to prevail, you know what we must do to achieve this task as prophecies have stated we must consider to come together. Time is almost over as the end of 2012 is getting closer and closer and closer as we prepare to move into 2013 and beyond.

The Holy Ones, known as the Beings of Light with many names have asked that those in the communities who know the sacred ancient names of these places to come forward from all nations and cultures; those that remember the songs or who are hearing the new songs, dances and stories to consider to become ambassadors of their sacred sites, helping to re-educate humanity, co-create and lead the ceremonies. In the coming weeks we will be traveling around the mountain to meet with many groups and people of all cultures to bring awareness about the ceremonies asking each and everyone to consider joining us in this beautiful cause.

Mother Earth needs assistance for each point for leaders to peacefully become coordinators facilitating the details and conducting the ceremonies. Being an ambassador is taking responsibility to help in communication, determining the location of the ceremonies, the directions to your site, songs, dances, music, historical past events in the area etc. This is being proposed to begin on May 5th to approximately May 10th, 2012. A pilgrimage traveling around to all 8 outer sacred sites conducting a healing ceremony at each point is to prepare each site to be cleared of the historical trauma and drama, clearing and blessing the past historical victimhood energy from the sacred sites before the main ceremony. Many volunteers are now researching the historical record in trauma and drama that occurred and may still be re-occuring on each point; this is what we will be focusing on during the healing.

This will prepare each group to hold their points' ceremony as we move towards the main ceremony on May 20th. Then on May 20th we propose to be blessed with groups on all 9 points from Sunrise to Sunset for one day holding the Medicine Wheel Ceremony as we sit is a sacred circle around the mountain in our intentions and prayers within the sacred circles in ceremony on all nine points simultaneously, as one people promoting peace in the knowing that we are all relatives.

We ask you all to look in your hearts and to find peace no matter what has taken place in the past years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds to see if you are being called to participate in this grand ceremony that represents peace for our children, people, trees, animals, birds and all of Mother Nature. Again please, please let us know how you are being called to assist. We look forward to working with each and every one of you co-creating an amazing healing for these glorious sacred sites around Mt. Shasta and for the world to see we did it. This can only happen when we join forces as one people no matter what has transpired or what culture we are from. This is the time to fulfill prophecy. We are being reminded that only love is what will be allowed upon Mother Earth for all her children, in order for peace to return we only have this chance in the now to please manifest this and to keep open your hearts for peace to return.

Thank you, Oohweehoo, BlueThunder
Eastern Shoshone Tribal Member/Spiritual Advisor
541.326.2475 -


Please look into  the historical trauma that took place on each point 

that is waiting for us to clear and bless in ceremony.  Please meditate on these areas 

and share with you what comes in dreams and visions.  Thank you.

Pluto Caves

Whales Back

Rainbow Mountain

 McCloud Falls

Castle Dome

Boulder Peak/7 Lakes Basin

China Mountain

Lake Shastina


 Other ceremonies that BlueThunder
has done at Mount Shasta:

Temple of Union Crystal Healing Ceremony
Lake Shastina - Mt. Shasta, California Sacred Sites
November 19th, 2006 Medicine Wheel Sunday


Image taken from the Temple of Union, Lake Shastina

On Nov.16th Viviana Siddhi Vid checked out the weather report forecast, which predicted heavy rain and snow for the weekend starting on Sat.Nov.18th. On November 18th, 2006 that evening near Lake Shastina we asked for blessings in warmth and bright sunny weather for the crystal ceremony the following morning of November 19th, 2006. Blue Thunder suggested praying, giving our intentions in offerings of the sacred flat cedar tree to our Ancestors: Spirits of the Mountains, the Storm Birds and the Thunder Beings were all invited, the twelve colors of lightning to honor their intentions for the forth-coming day. Asking for the weather birds to bringing great light and love for the ceremonies in the Lake Shastina and Mt. Shasta areas. From the balcony of a condo located near Lake Shastina we saw the dark clouds that surrounded around Mt.Shasta as they set their intention in sacred thoughts that evening of November 18th, 2006.

Early the next morning November 19th, 2006 it was cloudy and windy. Again under the advice from Blue Thunder more morning prayers and offerings were given once again following the protocols of his Indigenous Ceremonial ways. Viviana and Blue Thunder asked for a bright sunlight day to become brighter, stronger with light asking for the dark overcast clouds to disappear. Right after the prayers that morning cloud ship patterns began to form into lenticular cloud formations above the mountain peaks. The blue skies began to appear with white clouds scattered around like floating ships within the clouds everywhere surrounding them. This confirmed that now it is time to perform the ceremony for the holy ones were now arriving in the surrounding areas of Lake Shastina and Mt. Shasta’s peaks. They were there to help in everyway possible was the message that was received. The spirits came from their sacred places within the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water joining them as one: From above, as below becoming one on the surface of Mother Earth in a sacred ceremonial circle of recreating love, peace, joy and harmony for the freedom prophesied to come.

Image Taken from The Temple of Union Shastina Lake November 19th, 2006

Initially Viviana and Blue Thunder took the public access road to Lake Shastina, which turned onto MacAdam’s Road. Leading them up to the top of the Temple of Union. It had been a long time that a ceremony had taken place on this temple site. On the top of this very sacred place they had very strong winds. Viviana became very excited as she looked around in a circle; she saw the Temple of Union is located in the center of Lake Shastina. And to her amazement surrounded by water with a gorgeous view in all directions. The lenticular cloud above Mt.Shasta was still there and many more were becoming even more apparent around the other peaks around them everywhere. Blue Thunder scouted the areas on top of the Temple and then was showed the place where we would do the Crystal Ceremony.

He explained that where the ants once lived in numerous numbers showed the power center of the Temple of Union. Asking for permission from the ant’s to use their ancient place for the ceremony, they blessed this area for the ceremony. Viviana placed her hands above the soil and felt the soft gentle feminine energy. Viviana received information that this spot has a very sacred vortex energy, which is rooted deeply spinning inside the Earth. Blue Thunder confirmed this realization. He felt the spinning energy as he prepared for the ceremony. He placed special crystals and stones in a circle; a crystal medicine wheel was now being built. They both felt one with Mother Earth, as the wind became really strong when they began to meditate in prayer, while drumming. Asking for balance, as many know the universe contains ying and yang (female & male) energies enter twined together in oneness. This spiraling energy became most evident on the Temple as the ceremony started.

Temple of Union Medicine Wheel
Lake Shastina November 19th, 2006

The masculine negative forces within the wind were trying to stop the ceremony throwing sand and dirt in their faces. Beginning through the drumming and intentions as the prayers began to co-create a gorgeous sunny morning bringing in the feminine energy to balance the masculine during the ceremony. As the morning progressed the unique lenticular cloud formations became stronger and more apparent all around us. Many of the other clouds disappeared around the top of Mt. Shasta and now moved around us. Viviana and Blue Thunder became one in their hearts, minds and spirit with their prayers and intentions. They became one in beating their drums and singing as the Ancient ones appeared. Becoming one with nature as the whole Universe supported their actions. The Holy Ones honored them and came to help in the ceremony it was most evident by the cloud formations. Viviana received a message saying, “Yes”, WE all have the power to change the world!!! We are one with the universe!

Temple of Union Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Lake Shastina November 19th, 2006

Blue Thunder also pointed out the other ships in cloud formations were now positioned over many of the peaks around us. The holy ones had connected with them all around Mt Shasta and Lake Shastina. They were now in position to help in the healing of the Temple of Union. Blue Thunder showed Viviana where the electrical magnetic energy needed healed; as they sealed Mother Earth’s bleeding heart’s energy, the electrical magnetic disturbances, which is the life force of all creation. BlueThunder showed Viviana where the electrical magnetic energy was leaking. How and why this takes place in development due to management in recreation, roads building, mining agencies and other developmental agencies. The road that was built spiraled to the top of the temple had disconnected the electrical magnetic energy field on the top of this “Temple”. The very top of the temple was shaved off by heavy equipment transforming it into a parking lot on this very special sacred site helping add to the disturbance of this very special sacred site. The ceremony ended and as they took a stroll around the top of The Temple of Union enjoying the feeling of pure love and blissfulness in a great heart felt feeling. Viviana and Blue Thunder expressed an amazing feeling of accomplishment for the work that was shared with each other. Feeling the power emanating from the Temple was electrifying, as Mother Nature’s energy flow returned to this holy place.

Viviana Siddhi Vid – San Rafael, California

Lake Shastina, Temple of Union
November 19th, 2006

After a stroll, walking around and just enjoying the view they arrived back at the Crystal Medicine Wheel, which was made of Clear Crystals and Pink Quartz. These sacred stones carried the power of love energies that helped healed the vortex energy representing Mother Earth’s compassion in love. Blue Thunder picked up the many crystals giving them all an immense honor in gratitude and thanking them. Giving a great appreciation communicating to the clear crystals and the pink quartz with saying thank you, thank you, and thank you. Viviana placed her hands above the soil where they had just done the crystal ceremony. She felt a very strong vibration of energy coming from that area where they just completed the healing ceremony that activated the Temple of Union into a higher frequency of vibrations.

Bennie “Blue Thunder” LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming
Lake Shastina, California, Temple of Union
November 19th, 2006

In amazement Viviana stared at Blue Thunder. At that moment he showed her a young deer approaching, trotting out into the clearing on top of the temple. They were given the message that this was a sign of renewal in the rebirthing of the Temple of Union’s Life Force. It was a sign that the love and compassion has return, which was missing for so many hundreds of years, thousands of years. A new beginning, new life energy had rebirthed the love that was reset and restored within Mother Earth’s Sacred Heart felt vibrations once again. The young deer was a sign of the rebirthing of new things to come in youthfulness, rebirth in the cycle of life without an end. Together they closed the mystical magical Crystal Medicine Wheel Ceremony and drove down from The Temple of Union. By the time they reached Weed a small mountain town the whole area that was covered with the lenticular clouds began to disappear slowly around the mountain peaks. Blessings are as they were intended to continuing the work that has only just began to take place.

We are so grateful to the Universe:

Viviana Siddhi Vid – San Rafael, California

Bennie “BlueThunder” LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming



November 21, 2006
Ceremony begins at 8:00 am.

Blue Thunder asked for permission from the Great White Spirit and the ancestors to begin the healing ceremony clearing the lake and land; he made an offering of Flat Cedar Needles and burned California White Sage as he prayed.

Bennie “Blue Thunder” LeBeau started his ceremonial drumming calling to his ancestors and honoring all of the Spirits from Castle Lake.

Michael Sun Bear called upon the Guardian of the Lake Goddess through ancient Native tongue.

A Goddess, aroused by the drumming and chanting, comes forth through the waters of the lake. Immediately she was taken by the Blessed Mother energy that surrounded Maria and was honored to be in the magnificent presence of Mother Mary.

She then told me that Blessed Mother had visited this very location approximately a hundred years ago.

Sabrina told me she has waited a thousand years for someone to awaken her energies and to beckon her spirit from the depths of Castle Lake. As Blue Thunder asked for the clearing of the negative forces to leave the area Sabrina continued to dance.

When I asked the ancient Goddess what name she would like to be called, she spoke her name to be “Sabrina”. The ceremonial drumming and chanting intensified as she came forth. Instantly the winds from the west increased with extreme forcefulness, showed her strength and beauty. As Blue Thunder and Michael continued singing their healing songs stagnant energies began to clear…clouds masked the sun.

Sabrina spoke of Andromeda and its connection to the present-time re-creation of Genesis.

She was delighted to communicate in her ancient tongue.

The Goddess Sabrina then asked how she could be of service to us. We all asked for her assistance with our ceremony and the cleansing of the water and area surrounding Castle Lake.

Sabrina beckoned the Red Dragon from the depths of these waters. Ripples generally traveled west to east across the lake and as Maria’s attention was drawn over her shoulder to the sound of small waves lapping toward us, opposite us.

Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta California

Blue Thunder informed her that they are the Spiraling Energies of the Serpents of Wisdom the rolling actions of the waves spinning across the lake. There was no wind blowing as if the lake has come alive, the Red Dragon.

Ceremony continued. Each time we called Sabina’s name with reverence, the weather and winds intensified with strength. Spiraling energies of the ancient ones came in the forms of crystal beings in the shape of snow came from the north then from the west. The trees waved and dance to her. Sabrina was clearly coming alive! The spiraling energies of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water become alive and happy for this cleansing and the blessings were in progress.

Again, Sabrina spoke of her joy of revival, as her energy that had laid dormant for so long! Although he never reveals himself, it felt as though Merlin’s energy was not far off.

Blue Thunder continued breaking apart any lingering density from the four corners, by igniting his high-pitched toning Eagle Whistle and thereby dissolving any negative forces of energy that did not serve a purpose for love, peace and harmony.

We were encapsulated in Sabrina’s energies as columns of light rainbows came inward and outward, which were seen with our physical eyes. They reached across the lake within a hundred feet or so from where we stood

Castle Lake, Mt Shasta November 21st, 2006

She danced across the lake toward us. Her energies touched all of us. Feelings of extreme blissfulness and love that I personally have never felt before brought tears to my eyes. Maria was jaw-droopingly amazed by this experience!

Michael again saw the Red Dragon on the surface of the water (just as he and Nathan had seen it on Mt Shasta on 11/11 at a doorway to the subterranean city of Telos). It was very clear to him that this Red Dragon is the Guardian of the entrances to the Inner Earth.

She had but one request. She wished her name and story be placed in a location for everyone to enjoy, so she may be of service to all who seek her and will answer all requests in her own magical way.

Sabrina, while always speaking in soft tones, told me of how the Princess of Telos will visit her in the near future. As the ceremony concluded, Sabrina tamed the winds to ease our numbing bodies.

We began retreating to the parking lot. The Goddess of the Lake followed us, reaching across the lake. By just mentioned her name with reverence again and again, the winds howled, demonstrating the acknowledgement of her magnificence.

Continuing on the path back to our vehicles, Blue Thunder noticed the clouds suddenly separated, showed the blue sky through a portal. The Central Sun appeared for a short moment, as we basked in its warmth. Blue Thunder heard the words from the Great Spirit great work ahead as the clouds closed and the mist rolled in once again.

Later in the afternoon Sabrina spoke to me, telling me that Blue Thunder received a gift as well, but she did not elaborate. Her message was soft and short, explaining that I must carry this sacred stone that she pulled from the depths of the lake when I desire to beckon her Spirit. Blue Thunder shared that he was instructed to return by himself for his blessings communicating with the ancients. He was then told that when the rains and snows began, it was time for him to return home to Wyoming until the next ceremony on 1st April.

There was no denying what happened this day November 21st, 2006 here at Castle Lake.


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