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Sacred Geometric Energy Force Fields Clearing
Soil, Wind, Fire, Water & Ether Clearing Ceremonies
Releasing Spiritual Entities Ceremonies
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Land Blessing Ceremonies
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Sacred Geometric Energy Force Fields Clearing
Soil, Wind, Fire, Water & Ether Clearing Ceremonies
Releasing Spiritual Entities Ceremonies

Its important for humanity to recognize and especially to become re-educated by the evidence provided to humanity that science now shows that in each and every thought or our actions that humanity creates in their actions affects and imprints the Web of Life, Grandmother Spider's Web.  This re-education process showing this wisdom and knowledge can now teach how the web of life is put together in sacred geometry and replicates our words, actions and lives we live.  This wisdom provides knowledge about the electro-magnetic energy that charges the elements of Mother Earth that gives life in electrical current from the sacred sites.  Remember the sacred sites give life to all that has been created within Mother Nature generates this power called life. 
Remember all of creation is made from the elements of the Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and the Ethers. What we do and think imprints natures elements and our thoughts and actions get recorded in the energy force fields in those particles of light in the elements of the trees, rivers, animals, birds, all that is created, which represents all that nature’s energy or particles are made up from. Thus promoting every word, every thought and every action will manifests itself upon Mother Earth.  Then this replicates itself, known is science as fractals and replays itself over and over again and again in that unified field of energy of the elements in harmony or disharmony.  It does not matter which action or emotion that is put out by humanity is what affects nature.
The particles are made only to give and manifest into existence what they hear, are what they replicate, positive or negative.  This is why it is very important to understand and know this information.  Nature will repeat what it hears is what it will put back out toward humanity and all of creation, be it peaceful or fearful.  Which one does humanity want?    
The world was put together in sacred geometric patterns, circles within circles, which have been de-harmonized through humanity's mining, development, thoughts and actions. These influences have affected most all sacred sites or points of energy the provide life worldwide.  These activities have cut, frayed and distorted these energetic ley lines of electrical current known as the spirit lines that the life force cables that provide life for all of creation. Many of them have been disconnected by greed and materialism in the mining, warring and development of the recourses that have de-harmonized the sacred sites.
Consider this information on what we feel has caused the environmental changes, the ecological shifts, and the so-called green house affect. This includes other disasters that the environmental scientists have given names to the weathers phenomenon in the natural world around the planet.  It’s very important to know all of creation relies on this electro-magnetic energy for nature’s harmony. Keep in mind that this represents our family’s health, subsistence, and abundance’s in our lives in every subject matter in our lives upon Mother Earth. 
It is very important now to become educated in this Earth Wisdom 101 Knowledge that has now been provided.  It has been proven with scientific evidence that is all over the Internet, written in books and other sources worldwide. Please think about hunting, seeking the truth and this wisdom will help set your self-free with that truth for a better life.  Please consider why it’s important in healing, retuning and reharmonizing these energy lines that crucial to our lives in every phase of our existence. Keep in mind through hearts wisdom in our meditations, intentions, and prayers, asking for the wisdom and it will be given to you. 
Remember it is the vibrational sound of sacred sounds, words, thoughts and actions that heal the environments, our homes, and our business our lives.  This wisdom promoted in songs, chants and sound healing techniques in the ceremonies and rituals provide healing to all that exists.  Many of us in the cultures and nations still remember practicing this way of life. We ask all peoples of all nations and cultures to remember this knowledge. Remembering how our feelings in our emotions in giving thank for nature and each other brings harmony, peace. We can now show evidence in how to utilize the Sacred Ceremonies for world peace. 
Medicine Wheels shaped in sacred geometry, circles within circles shown in the rock art or petroglyphs worldwide has taught me this wisdom: This knowledge of how to reharmonize the environments that has been written here and elsewhere worldwide for thousands of years. We can cleanse and clear what has happened throughout the historical drama and trauma within Mother Earth's environments. The floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, droughts and other situations worldwide that have been recorded in history, in the historical record and in Mother Earth's electrical magnetic energy force fields of energy. 
The historical record now shows how nature has been taken out of harmony and how the posttraumatic stress deficiency was set into existence in Mother Nature. Basically the mining, warring and development of the resources have affected the unified field of energy force fields. Remember the sacred sites provide that energy force field to exist to give life to all creation in this unified energy force field of electrical current.  Known and put together in the matrixes of the energy force fields set in sacred geometry, as above, so below as on the surface. 
This life force energy is know as the Great Spirit that creates and births into existence, giving the electrical current to the breathe of life that give us life as oxygen give us power.   The soils within the earth are charged with this power of energy called the Great Spirit of energy in the spirit lines, ley lines, the life force cables that promote life. The molten lava flows deep within Mother Earth is th volcanic energy called the fire’s spirits or energy that give us life known as electrical current. The water is charged with this current that is promoted by the sacred sites vortexes spinning left and right, up and down and outward. 
The sacred sites promote us with this life force energy call electrical life force power in these life force cables.  Every square inch upon Mother Earth is charge with this energy in sacred patterns in sacred geometrical shapes and figures.  This power is what allows the trees, plants, animals, birds, mountains, rivers, valleys, springs, rains, lakes and humanity to be alive with this life force power. This dominant power is provide by the sacred sites for all of creation to grow and survive giving life to all that exists upon Mother Earth.
The past, present and future replay itself replaying what the history of the actions of individuals did upon the lands. There is a vortex of energy that spins in all of creation in all that is with the sacred sites of Mother Earth.  In the homes and businesses the negative actions of a bad business will continue to replay in what took place in the elements of the building that is history of the land, office, business or homes occurrences in the buildings.  The actions of humanity have affected the weather and natures shifts that have been played out in the historical record.
These instances in history has been documented by the environment and humanity in the building and in all that is for hundreds of years in the unified field of energy keeps replaying itself over and over.  In the healing of the lands, homes, businesses, and the lives’ of humanity the get affected by these stagnant energy forces.  This energy gets congested it can cause stress, sicknesses, illnesses and could lead to death. When the energy gets stressed and sluggish the current of electricity get trapped and causes negative things to play out.  Those particles of neutrons and electrons of energy or light are known as the elements that all of creation is made from.
Remember humanities actions that took place in the historical record of the lands and homes of individuals or groups they may have imprinted the buildings, the land, the water where we all live, play and work.  And this historical record will affect those that move into where the energy has been affected and replay over and over by how the people played out their living and acted out there live there. 
Earth Wisdom Foundation Earth Healers have been educated for thirteen years now by BlueThunder. Many kinds of healing ceremonies and services for all cultures and nation have been preformed for the betterment equally for all of creation.  Focusing on the intentions in the clearings and healing of the environment bringing us more into harmony with the forces of nature.  Knowing how our surroundings in nature is our reflection of our actions as we move accordingly in life under free will.
The ceremonies and rituals have a great spiritual cleansing effect on our environments, our communities, our homes and our lives.  Because of these ceremonies they touch and inspire families, humanity and individuals to the awareness that we all are part of nature. By which many in humanity are not ordinarily aware of how this works.  Our action reflects who we are what we are about and influences the elements.  These activities in the teaching and experiences have brought about what some people call miracles to the environment and humanity healing in the ceremonies and gathering.
All of the ceremonies were performed with the utmost integrity supporting healing in the gatherings on or around the sacred sites honoring each other for each other. It has been our experience to actually to see, hear and feel the energy in the ceremonies.  Re-educating our hearts, minds spirits and our emotions to understand how healing has taken place because of the ceremonies.  By studying history in what has taken place in the past, in the present and how this shapes our future ahead has be a great wake up call for many.
In these ceremonies we have called upon all of humanity to continue to join us.  For those that are new to this way of understanding and being who want to become part of the educational process please join us.  Helping the future keeping nature, mankind and all of existence working in harmony in order for peace to be recognized walking, living, and breathing in balance living, working in peaceful intentions with respect, honor, trust for each other as we move into integrity.
We at Earth Wisdom Foundation will continue to work with all nations and cultures to help humanity focus on nature's laws, the laws of peace.  Promoting celebrations promoting a desire in the hearts of humanity in the communities, schools, colleges, churches, state and federal organizations.  In order to accomplish a heart felt peaceful felt existence and a healthy environment an education about Earth Wisdom 101 is very important on how nature’s laws work. 
Teachings in how we can release stress and strife in our lives’ and living within nature side-by-side working to bring about true freedom.  Learn to experience true peace within our actions, words and thoughts becoming a more educated being of the light to the awareness of the laws of nature. Learning and experience the laws of nature that represent peace and freedom for all living beings in creation to live in harmony with one another.
 Earth Wisdom Foundation’s gatherings, ceremonies and seminars can be customized for any occasion for large or small groups, for individuals or and individual.  

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