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Join together, all nations, cultures and traditions:

Global Medicine Wheel Ceremony 

SPRING EQUINOX March 20th, 2019 
~Sunrise to Sunset~


We are all connected through the Earth’s ley lines. When we go to our sacred sites to do ceremony, we can collectively clean and clear old programs from the environment and charge the Earth with peace, love, joy and abundance.

There are two large ley lines circling the Earth: the Rainbow Serpent (female) and the Plumed Serpent (male). With ceremonies at each of these sites and the Medicine Wheels connected to them through their sacred points, we connect through our hearts and send energy through the Earth’s sacred energy lines.

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See how this works. When we do ceremony in Olympia, WA, USA, the center of the Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel, Mt. Rainier is a point on both the Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel and the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, so as we activate our Medicine Wheel, the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel is activated and all of us on the sacred points are connected.

Pacific Northwest Medicine Wheel:


Grand Teton Medicine Wheel:


Mt. Shasta is a point on the global Plumed Serpent ley line and on the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel, connecting those energy lines to the global Plumed Serpent and Rainbow Serpent ley lines.

Big Bear Medicine Wheel in southern California can link with the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel:


The Michael (male) and Mary (female) ley lines in southern England crisscross over the Rainbow Serpent line there – Glastonbury is the Earth’s 4th chakra - heart:  


The Costa Rica Medicine Wheel connects with Palenque on the Plumed Serpent global ley line:





And the Eagle and Condor Medicine Wheel is also centered in San Jose, Costa Rica, linking the points on that medicine wheel in as well:



The Teotihuacan Medicine Wheel connects to the Emerald Grid of sacred sites in Central America:

Medicine Wheels are yet to be created for other sacred sites:

*** Australia (Uluru is the Earth’s 3rd chakra- solar plexus – and is on the Rainbow Serpent global ley line).

*** Europe.

*** The Mary Magdalene sacred sites in southwest France.

*** The Virgo constellation arrangement of Gothic cathedrals of northern France:


And other sacred sites around the planet where people would like to join in the Global Medicine Wheel Ceremonies every solstice and equinox.

As you go to your sacred site, connect to all of us at the other points. The energy from our hearts will connect and the ley lines will be cleaned and cleared, then charged with peace, love, joy, harmony and abundance.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, today’s stewards who would choose to bring peace, love and harmony to the planet with every thought, word, emotion and action. We can re-harmonize the Earth, retune the Web of Life, recalibrate the grids to make the Earth beautiful.

If you would like to be an Ambassador for a sacred site on any of the Medicine Wheel points or work with us to create new medicine wheels for your local region, e-mail Pat Rasmussen   pat@earthwisdomfoundation.net.

                                                                           Thank You, Oohweehoo, thanking you to infinity, Bavado                          

Bennie "Bavado" LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone
Earth Wisdom Foundation’s President 
Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming  








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